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Image of Pololu Robotics & Electronics 1088 32X7MM                         WHEEL PAIR


28-17703 - 32x7mm Wheel Pair

This custom-designed white plastic wheel has a silicone tire measuring 1.26" (32 mm) in diameter and is designed to fit the output shafts on our micro and mini metal gearmotors as well as the Solarbotics metal gear motors. These wheels are sold in pairs.

Mfr Name: Pololu Robotics & Electronics

Mfr Number: 1088

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Image of OSEPP MTD-01 Stepper or DC Motor Driver


83-16560 - Stepper or DC Motor Driver

Motor driver can drive a 4-wire stepper motors, or two DC motors simultaneously for your Arduino project.

Mfr Name: Osepp

Mfr Number: MTD-01

On Backorder(Expected in 14 days)


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