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Find website-only discounts and promotions when you purchase online at MCM. If your company has a contract with MCM, you'll see your contract prices when you are registered and logged in to the site.Below are common questions regarding prices and discounts.

  • How is the "You Saved" value calculated? What do the icons next to the list price represent?

    If shopping with a source code or buying sale or clearance items, you may have noticed an 'Amount Saved' row under the product total in your shopping cart. The 'Amount Saved' is the difference between our regular product price and our promotional price. Promotional prices can be achieved in cases of standard product sales, source code based sales and customer based contract pricing. Special pricing in the cart is denoted with one of several icons:

    Icon Meaning

      [Contract Icon]

    Contract Price: A discounted price as a result of your company's contract with MCM Electronics.

      [Sale/Clearance/Promo Icon]

    Promotional Price: A discounted price as a result of a MCM Electronics product promotion.

    If an item is eligible for two or more types of discounts, the lowest price will always be displayed.

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  • Do I get the promotional price when I purchase online?

    The prices on the MCM website reflect when products are on sale or promotionally priced. You can compare the prices you see on the website with the promotion flyer to ensure you are getting the correct pricing.

    However, there are a few products that do not qualify for a discount due to franchise agreements with the manufacturer. The promotional price will not be applied to those speicifc products. Only the standard price will be listed.

    Discounts may not be combined. In the event that multiple discount source codes are being used, the source code that offers the largest discount will be applied. Source code based discounts are applied towards standard pricing. Any other discounts such as corporate service agreements will not apply.

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  • How do I receive a special quote for a large order?

    For orders larger than standard three-column pricing, you can request a special quote by contacting your MCM sales representative at 1-800-551-1522 or completing our on-line quote form.

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  • Do you have volume pricing?

    Yes. Quantity breaks will be shown on the product page. Quantity pricing will take effect automatically upon adding the necessary quantity of an item to your cart.

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  • How do I use my source code to receive a discount?

    In the shopping cart, enterthe code in the Source Code field and click "Apply." After the source code is entered, all applicable items that qualify for the discounted price will appear in the Price column.

    If you are working from a MCM catalog or flyer you received, please locate the source code located close to the address line of the catalog, flyer, postcard or e-mail. If the order does not reflect the pricing as specified in our promotional materials when the source code is entered, the discounted pricing or promotional offer for that item(s) has expired or the item(s) does not qualify for the promotional pricing and our low everyday web pricing will be offered.

    NOTE: Source code discount applies to the first price-break quantity only. Discount cannot be combined with other offers, promotions, quantity discounts, or contract pricing. Contractual considerations with a small number of manufacturers may reduce or prevent a source code discount on selected items; email [Email US] with questions relating to source code exclusions. Special order items are not subject to a source code discount.

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  • How do I view my pricing contract agreement price?

    To view pricing based on your pricing contract agreement, you must be a registered customer and be logged in. If you do not see your agreement price in the shopping cart, call 1-877-626-3532 to speak with a service representative.

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  • Does MCM offer special website promotions?

    Yes. MCM will occasionally offer special promotional pricing for online orders only.

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  • Why are online prices different from the prices in the paper catalog?

    The online price of a product is often different from the catalog price for two reasons:

    • If your company has a corporate pricing contract agreement with MCM and you are logged in to the website, you will see prices that are set by the agreement, which are generally lower than the listed price in the catalog.
    • During the year, product prices fluctuate due to market changes. Since the catalog is only printed once a year it may not reflect these price changes. We reserve the right to change prices, offer comparable substitutes or limit product availability without notice.
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  • Is pricing different between domestic and international orders?

    No. We offer the same product prices for domestic and international orders. However, shipping and handling charges tend to be higher for international orders due to longer shipping distances and more complex shipping document requirements.

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