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Mini SMD Preheater By Tenma (21-10135)

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The 21-10135 packs big preheating power into a miniature package for work or rework of small PCB’s. The 540 watt heater can reach up to 662°F in 10 seconds. Automatic and intelligent temperature control maintains accurate heat levels for any period of time. The unit can also help cool boards after rework.

Specifications Top

  • Lead free and ROHS compliant
  • ESD safe
  • Air flow volume: 6.35 cubic ft/minute
  • Temperature range: 212~662°F (100~350°C)
  • Dimensions: 6.7” x 5.5” x 2.2”
    Part Numbers
    MCM Part #:21-10135
    Tenma Part #:21-10135
    Package Specifications & Dimensions
    Weight:2.69 lbs.
    RoHS Comp:No
    Warranty:365 days
    Need to Return?
    Length:10 in.
    Width:6.5 in.
    Height:4 in.
    Shipping Information
    Extra Shipping Charge:No
    Drop Ship:No
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    MCM Cat 57, Page 1146
    MCM Cat 56, Page 974
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  • Product Reviews Top

    • by mozzwald

      on 9/4/2014

      Great preheater but use your own board holders

      Overall: 4 out of 5

      Construction of the preheater is solid and good quality. Controls are easy to use. Can't beat the price.

      The only bad thing about it are the useless board holders (also confirmed in other reviews). Literally, the first time I used the holders they both cracked into pieces. I ended up making my own magnetic board holders that work great. Just keep in mind when purchasing this that you will (eventually if not immediately) need your own holders.

    • by pdaderko

      on 4/26/2014

      Really great!

      Overall: 5 out of 5

      I've owned this for a few years, and it's one of those tools that I just keep coming back to. It heats up quickly, and has plenty of airflow to warm up the PCB. It's really nice for installing and removing chips with large ground slugs, RF shields, and even just to reduce the thermal shock and necessary temperature when using a hot air tool (you don't need your hot air tool as hot or on for as long if the board is pre-heated).

      The construction is nice durable metal, the controls are nice (I like how you can turn off the heater but leave the fan running, to cool the board and the heater), and it seems to provide nice stable temperature air. I've been regularly using it for several years, and it's still holding up, so there's at least some quality/durability in this thing.

      I'd say the only shortcoming of this are the small magnetic board holders that it comes with. If you have a small board, and don't really have to touch the board (using hot air to install a chip on the board), they're fine... but if you're soldering with an iron, or even just using tweezers to pull a part off the board, the board has a tendency to fall out of the holder. The magnetic holders are also limited to just a few inches across (not that I'd trust them to hold a board any larger than that). Usually, I prefer to use a real board holder over it, like a Panavise.

    • by jmattioni

      on 3/28/2014


      Overall: 3 out of 5

      This looks to be a nice package for the price. Unfortunately, my unit arrived completely dead.. Have to wonder about manufacturer's QC..

    • by Rollin

      on 1/30/2013

      Mini SMD Preheater

      Overall: 5 out of 5

      Mini SMD Preheater review

    • by wb0rxx

      on 12/6/2012

      Good tool for smaller SMD rework jobs

      Overall: 4 out of 5
      Top 25 Contributor

      While not the fanciest preheater around, this device works well. The internal construction is much better quality than a lot of imported tools and test equipment. Temperature control seems to be fairly tight with little hysteresis. The only flaw in this unit are the two magnetic holders. They provide little support for holding a PC board in place while manipulating SMD components. It is fairly easy to improve these holders by sanding the plastic base flat and then gluing some thin rubber pads to it. I used amalgamating tape for the rubber pads. I also added a couple of small SmCo magnets to the existing magnets to increase the magnetic hold. These simple changes made the clamps far more usable.

    • by accutv

      on 12/3/2011


      Overall: 3.5 out of 5

      It's nearly impossible to remove ICs with back-side heatsinks unless you heat the PC board from both sides. This moderately priced tool makes it possible. The magnetic PC board holders are rather flimsy and don't provide much support. However, for the price, you can't beat this handy little gadget.

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