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Adjustable Compression Crimping Tool For RCA/BNC/F Type Connectors By Duratool (22-14540) MCM Part #22-14540

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MSRP: $59.99
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Specifications Top

Universal compression crimp tool provides a fast and easy method of crimping a variety of connectors. Works with "F", BNC and RCA compression connectors for RG58, RG59 and RG6 cables.

  • Black oxide steel frame
  • Interchangeable sockets with handle storage
  • Ratcheting mechanism for easy use
  • Built in cable cutter
  • Length: 9.1"

Part Numbers
MCM Part #:22-14540
Duratool Part #:22-14540
Package Specifications & Dimensions
Weight:1.1 lbs.
RoHS Comp:No
Warranty:90 days
Need to Return?
Length:9.5 in.
Width:3.25 in.
Height:1.25 in.
Shipping Information
Extra Shipping Charge:No
Drop Ship:No

Product Reviews Top

  • by drapetomania

    on 9/9/2016

    Nice, useful tool

    Overall: 5 out of 5

    This tool handles weatherproof "F" connectors in RG-58, RG-59, and RG-6. I used it on Quad shielded RG-6 exterior cable.

    I had no trouble using up a bunch of different brands of RG-6 Quad weatherproof connectors including RCA, Platinum, and some no-name connectors from the local big box hardware store. I had no difficulty inserting any of the connectors for compression or operating the tool.

    The tool also has dies for BNC and (are you ready for this?) RCA (male presumably) connectors on the same variety of cables. I haven't a clue where to obtain the fittings but it is intriguing. The dies store neatly out of the way on the handle.

    The handle includes a guillotine cutter and a ratchet to hold the tool closed for easier storage.

    The tool seems marvelously well made (so far I've only knocked in a couple dozen or so weatherproof "F" connectors so it's not a definitive test of durability).

    About the only not positive comment I can think of is that the two tabs that swing out to admit the cable and serve as an anvil when compressing are sort of floppy. It would be nicer if they snapped open to admit the cable and snapped shut around the cable to act as an anvil. But that's being unreasonably picky about an otherwise well designed and well made tool.

    As one of the previous reviewers already suggested, don't pass up this tool if you work with compression type weatherproof connectors -- it really is a bargain.

  • by geraldarnold

    on 12/4/2013

    great deal for the money

    Overall: 5 out of 5

    This tool does the job just fine. The tool is full length and not a compact model like the CP-315 or the SealSmart II for the same price, but quality is good and it works fine.
    I have always purchased top of the line hand tools costing at least 3 times as much so was skeptical. The adapters for different cable types screw onto the handle so just be sure not to lose them. Some crimpers with universal heads like the compact Seal Smart II don't require adapters for the same price.

  • by Holyroller333

    on 8/2/2012

    Great tool great price

    Overall: 4.5 out of 5

    I was very pleased with the quality of the tool for the price. I like the fact that it's both adjustable and receives all coaxial cable ends. If you are a do it yourselfer like I am then this is one tool that you can afford to have on the shelf.

  • by Doomsday74

    on 3/31/2012

    They compress!

    Overall: 5 out of 5
    Top 10 Contributor

    Not to sure what to say here. Product does as describes and works well for me. Compress connectors and cuts cable. Thank you Duratool!

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