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Averatec, Dell, IBM, PremiumPower, Toshiba Replacement AC AdapterMCM Part #: 29-5866  |  Stellar Labs Power Part #: AC0755525U

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MCM Electronics has partnered with one of the industry’s top suppliers of rechargeable batteries and AC adapters for laptops, digital camera’s, cell phones, powertools, etc. The brand, Premium Power Products, is known throughout the industry for its quality, dependability and affordable price. Premium Power Products come with a 1 year warranty and will meet or exceed the original OEM specifications.

Product Description


Color: Black
Inner Dia: 2.5 mm
Outer Dia: 5.5 mm
Pin Count: 2-Prong
Product Weight: 1
Watts: 75 Watts

Averatec, Dell, IBM, PremiumPower, Toshiba Replacement Laptop AC Adaptor fits Models: Toshiba Satellite A110, C655, L30, A200, C655D, 1605CDS, A205, U305, 1735, 1730, M65, U400 , L15, 1200, P200, C650, 1005, T215D, C650D, 1700, E205, L100, L10, 1000, A200-13L, A105-S2131, M35X-SP161, A215-S7408, Pro, L20-183, A105-S2716, 2435-S256, L45-S4687, A105-S101, M30X-S114, A205-S4787, P205-S6247, M70-267, L15-SP1041, A100-525, 1905-S277, L35-SP2051, A135-S4656, M30X-124, A200-ST2043, M70-144, L10-104, 1900-SP303, 3000-S309, A210 Series, L30-11E, A135-S2386, 1750-S202, A200-1AA, M55-S1391, M40X-163, A80-S178, U305-S2816, L20-268, A110-339, M35X-S1492, M105-SP1031, A105-S2091, M35X-S1141, A215-S4817, P205-S6348, 1755CDT, P200-156, L20-159, A105-S2201, 2430-S255, L40-139, A200-10X, M30X-214, A205-S4639, M70-217, L10-194, A100-295, 1135-S155, T235D, L35-SP1011, A135-S4488, 1135-S1554, M30X-105, A200-1GD, A100, M60-S811, L10-100, 1710CDS, 1000-S158, U305-S7477, A135-S2336, A200-19I, M105-SP1011, M40X-119, A215-S7447, C645D, 1000-Z2, U305-S2804, L20-256, A110-178, M35X-S109, L45-SP4016, A105-S2031, M30X-SP111, A215-S4747, P205D-S7438, P200-140, L20-149, A100-ST2311, 1955-S804, L40-10O, A135-SP4088, M30X-1593, A205-S4617, A105-S361, M70-189, L10-144, 3000-S303, 1130, T210D, L35-S2174, A135-S4467, A80-142, M205-S3217, A200-1DN, A100-163, M40X-251, L100-165, 1115-SP153, 3005-S304, U305-S7446, L25-SP129, A135-S2286, M35X-S3291, A200-14D, M105-S1011, M40-S312TD, A215-S7427, A130, 1675CDS, U300-ST3091, L20-204, A105-SP2012, M30X, L45-SP2036, A105-S1712, M30X-S191, A205-SP4068, P205-S6297, M70-395, L20-118, A100-S3211TD, 1955, L35-SP4096, A135-SP4016, M30X-148, A205-S4578, M45-S165, M70-175, L10-113, 1905-S805, 1115-S103, A100-ST3211TD, L35-S1054, A135-S4427, A80-121, M115-S1074, A200-1BW, A80-169, M40X-183, L100-104, P300 Series, 3000-S304, U305-S5117, L20-S310, A135-S2246, M35X-S3091, A200-13O, A105-S2141, M35X-SP171, A215-S7414, 1620CDS, U300-10M, L20-188, A105-S2717, 1905-S302, L45-S7409, A105-S1012, M30X-S1592, A205-S4797, P205-S6257, M70-343, L20-100, A100-533, 1905-S301, L35-SP2071, A135-S4666, M30X-127, A205-S4537, L20, M70-151, L10-105, 1905-S801, 3005, L355D Series, L30-11H, A135-S2396, A100-151, M105-SP1041, A200-1AB, M55-S141, M40X-166, A85-SP107, L310, 1200-S121, U305-S5077, L20-C430, A110-370, M35X-S161, A105-S2101, M35X-S171, A215-S48171, P205-S7476, 1755CE, P205D-S7454, L20-173, A105-S2204, 2430-S256, L40-13G, A200-10Z, M30X-40, A205-S4647, P200-ST2061, M70-236, L10-226, A100-500, 1135-S156, L35-SP2011, A135-S4499, A100-S2211TD, M30X-111, A200-1HU, A100-523, M60-S8112, L10-101, 1730-S101, 1005-S158, U305-SP5017, L30-10P, A135-S2346, 1750, A200-19K, M35X-S3112, M40X-142, A215-S7462, U305-S2806, L20-257, A110-203, M35X-S111, L505-S5986, A105-S2051, M30X-SP114, A215-S4757, P205D-S7439, 1730CDT, P200-143, L20-153, A105-S101X, 1955-S805, L40-10X, A135-SP4108, M30X-163, A205-S4618, A105-S3611, M70-194, L10-146, 3005-S309, 1130-S155, L35-S2194, A135-S4477, 1135-S1551, M205-S7452, A200-1DQ, A100-521, M45-S165X, L100-170, 1605, 3005-S403, U305-S7448, L25-SP139, A135-S2296, M35X-S349, A200-14E, M105-S1021, M40X-105, A215-S7433, A135, 1690CDT, U300-ST3094, L20-205, A105-SP461, M30X-S1592ST, L45-SP2046, A105-S2001, M30X-S214, A215-S4697, P205-S6298, 1900, M70-396, L20-120, A100-S8111, 1955-S801, L35-SP4116, A135-SP4036, M30X-150, A205-S4587, M45-S1651, M70-181, L10-114, 1905-S806, 1115-S104, A105-S2xxx, L35-S2151, A135-S4437, A80-122, M200-ST200, A200-1CC, M40X, M40X-184, L100-105, U300 Series, 3000-S353, U305-S5127, L20-SP119, A135-S2256, M35X-S311, A200-13R, A105-S271, M35X-SP181, A215-S7418, L300, 1625CDT, U300-111, L20-196, A105-S2719, 1955-S806, L45-S7419, A105-S1013, M30X-S1593, A205-S5000, P205-S6267, M70-348, L20-101, A100-570, 1905-S303, L35-SP4016, A135-S4677, M30X-129, A205-S4557, L25, M70-152, L10-107, 1905-S802, 3005-S307, M60 Series, L30-134, A135-S2426, A100-188, M115-S1061, A200-1AE, A80-144, M40X-168, A85-SP1072, A200 Series, 1200-S122, U305-S5087, L20-P430, A130-ST1311, M35X-S1611, A105-S2111, M35X-SP111, A215-S5837, U300, 1755DVD, P205-S6327, L20-181, A105-S2231, 2435, L402, A200-11C, M30X-60, A205-S4707, P200-ST2071, M70-238, L10-272, A100-507, 1900-S305, L35-SP2031, A135-S4517, A100-S8111TD, M30X-115, A200-1M7, P100, M60-S9093, L10-102, 1735-S101, 1105, U305-SP5028, L30-114, A135-S2356, M60, A200-19M, M55-S1001, M40X-159, A215-SP401, 1005-S157, U305-S2808, L20-260, A110-260, M35X-S149, M105-S10xx, A105-S2061, M35X-114, A215-S4767, P205-S6337, 1735XCDS, P200-144, L20-155, A105-S171x, 1955-S807, L40-12W, A135-SP4156, M30X-165, A205-S4629, M70-196, L10-154, A100-209, 1130-S156, T230, L35-S2316, A135-S4478, 1135-S1552, M205-S7453, A200-1FJ, A80-S178TD, M45-S169X, L100-171, 1675, 3005-S504, U305-S7449, L25-SP141, A135-S2306, M35X-S3491, A200-180, M105-S1031, M40X-115, A215-S7437, T115, 1695CDT, U300-ST5107, L20-217, A110-101, M30X-S1593ST, L45-SP2056, A105-S2011, M30X-S221, A215-S4717, P205-S6307, P200-10C, L20-121, A100-SP2022, 1955-S802, L40, A135-SP4048, M30X-154, A205-S4597, M45-S169, M70-186, L10-130, 1905-S807, 1115-S107, L35-S2161, A135-S4447, A80-129, M200-ST2002, A200-1CR, M40X-112, M40X-231, L100-140, U400 Series, 3000-S514, U305-S57402, L20-SP131, A135-S2266, M35X-S3111, A200-13T, A105-S2712, M35X-SP311, A215-S7421, L35, 1640CDT, U300-114, L20-199, A105-S271X, 1100, L45-S7423, A105-S1014, M30X-S171, A205-S7456, P205-S6277, M70-356, L20-102, A100-649, 1905-S304, L35-SP4068, A135-S4727, M30X-134, A205-S4567, A85-S1071, M70-168, L10-108, 1905-S803, 3005-S308, M65 Series, L30-140, A135-S4407, A80-116, M115-S1064, A200-1Ai, A80-154, M40X-169, A300 Series, 1200-S252, U305-S5097, L20-P440, A130-ST1312, M35X-S1631, A200-12F, A105-S2121, M35X-SP114, A215-S7407, 1600, P205-S7469, L20-182, A105-S2236, 2435-S255, L45-S2416, M30X-80, A205-S4777, P205-S6237, M70-239, L15-SP104, A100-508, 1905, L35-SP2041, A135-S4527, A100-ST3211, M30X-122, A200-ST2041, M65-SP959, L10-103, 1755-S202, 3000-S307, U305-SP5037, L30-115, A135-S2376, A200-1A9, M55-S139, M40X-161, A300D, 1100-S101, U305-S2812, L20-267, A110-289, M35X-S1491, M105-SP1021, A105-S2071, M35X-149, A215-S4807, P205-S6347, 1755, P200-155, L20-157, A105-S2194, 2430, L40-12X, A200-10W, M30X-168, A205-S4638, M65-S9092, M70-212, L10-190, A100-259, 1135-S125, T235, L35-S2366, A135-S4487, 1135-S1553, M30X-104, A200-1G6, A100-522, M55-S139X, L100-179, 1695, 1000-S157, U305-S7467, L25-SP151, A135-S2326, M30X-S171ST, A200-18T, M105-S1041, M40X-116, A215-S7444, T135, U300-ST5127, L20-228, A110-177, M35X, L45-SP2066, A105-S2021, M30X-S234, A215-S4737, P205D-S7429, 1715XCDS, P200-13Z, L20-135, A100-SP621, 1955-S803, L401, A135-SP4058, M30X-156, A205-S4607, M45-S1691, M70-187, L10-132, 1905-S808, 1115-S123, C645, L35-S2171, A135-S4457, A80-140, M205-S3207, A200-1DA, M40X-129, M40X-250, L100-141, 1110-SP153, 3005-S303, U305-S7432, L25-SP121, A135-S2276, M35X-S329, A200-13U, A105-S2713, M35X-SP349, A215-S7422, 1670CDS, U300-115, L20-200, A105-S361X, 1100-A210, L45-S7424, A105-S171, M30X-S181, A205-SP4038, P205-S6287, M70-394, L20-112, A100-S2211, 1950, L35-SP4086, A135-S4827, M30X-143, A205-S4577, A85-S1072, M70-169, L10-110, 1905-S804, 1110-S153, A100-S8111TD with Intel Celeron M Processor only, L30-142, A135-S4417, A80-117, M115-S1071, A200-1BP, A80-168, M40X-175, L100-103, L355 Series, 3000, U305-S5107, L20-S130TD, A130-ST1313, M35X-S309; Dell Inspiron 1000, 2200, 1300, 7000, 300233XT, 3500, 3500XT, 3000, 3200; Toshiba Equium L30, L10, L100, P200-178, A100-549, M70-173, L40, L20-197, M70-337, L40-10U, L20-198, M70-339, M40X, L20-264, L100-186, M70-364, A100, M70, L20; Toshiba Portege M600, R700-S1330, R700-S1320, R700, M800, R700-S1331, R700-S1321, R700-S1310, M601, R700-S1332, R700-S1322, R700-S1311, M602, R700-S1332W, R700-S1322W, R700-S1312, M603; Dell Latitude 110L, LX450, LXP Series, 43M, T, LX, LXX; HP Pavilion zt1000 Series; Acer TravelMate 800LCi, 802LCi, 650 Series, 660 Series, 800 Series; Toshiba Qosmio F45-AV410, F45-AV412, F45-AV413, F45-AV423, F45-AV411; Compaq Notebook nx9005 Series; Averatec NoteBook 6200 Series, 6240 Series; Toshiba Tecra L2-S011 , L2, M8 series; Toshiba Satellite Pro A215 Series, T130, T110, A200 Series; Toshiba Dynabook 425; Averatec 6200; Premium Power 10 Watt AC Adapter Various Applications; BenQ Joybook 8000

Replaces OEM part numbers: 0N5825, 1243C, 22P9010, 310-6405, 310-6499, 310-7667, 3106405, 3106499, 3107667, 312-0367, 3120367, 32500, 5542D, 91-55069, 9155069, A000001200, A000001210, A000007020, A000007030, A000014020, A000014040, A000024810, A000024820, A000048110, AC-C11, AC0755525U, ACC10, ACC11, ADP-60BB, ADP-60NH, ADP-70BB, ADP60BB, ADP60NH, ADP70BB, CF719, H000001220, H000001240, H000004400, H000004410, H000009310, H000012020, H000012030, H000016360, H000016410, K000000550, K000004120, K000005050, K000019570, K000025320, K000027270, K000029300, K000032420, K000032580, K000037400, K000040250, K000040270, K000040290, K000040460, K000041670, K000042840, K000043490, K000043680, K000076320, K000076330, K000076360, K000076370, K000680790, K000811230, K000823170, K000834170, K000883020, K9060, N5825, P000538800, PA-1750-01, PA-1750-04RL, PA175001, PA175004RL, PA3, PA3032U-1ACA, PA3097U-1ACA, PA3467U-1ACA, PA3468U-1ACA, PA3468U-2ACA, PA3715U-1ACA, PA3715U1ACA, PA4, PA5, PK100009E00, SA-20049-01, TD230, TD231, V000055210, V000061300, V000061310, V000061690, V000061700, V000121020, V000150390, V000180640, V000180650, V000180680, V00018069

AC Adapters are manufactured for high performance in ISO 9001 factories using the most up to date safety and engineering control standards:

  • Sealed for protection against moisture and high humidity
  • Filter to protect against voltage spikes or surges
  • Internal safety features protect your device from electrical hazards
  • Low voltage shut down protection
  • Over voltage shut down protection
  • ''Short Circuit'' shut down protection
  • Over temperature shut down protection
  • Automatic reset after shutting down

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Package Specifications & Dimensions
Weight:0.852 lbs.
RoHS Comp:No
Warranty:365 days
Need to Return?
Length:7.25 in.
Width:5.25 in.
Height:2.25 in.
Shipping Information
Extra Shipping Charge:No
Drop Ship:No
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Mfr. Name:Stellar Labs Power
Mfr. Part Number:AC0755525U