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Compact 30W Class T Tripath Digital Amplifier By Stellar Labs (50-10145) MCM Part #50-10145

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Compact 15W RMS x 2CH Amplifier

Featuring Tripath digital technology, this device provides highly efficient, high quality audio amplification. The extremely small footprint is capable of being powered by eight “AA” batteries, or pick up the Optional 12VDC adapter for AC use. It will easily power speaker systems from desktop computer speakers to moderate size bookshelf speaker systems.

Specifications Top

Highly versatile amplifier may be connected to any device having line level or headphone output. is perfect for countless applications including studio monitors, computer speakers, portable sound systems and more.
  • Front panel on/off and volume control
  • Extremely small footprint, only 1-1/4” (H) x 7-1/2” (W) x 5-1/4” (D)
  • 3.5mm stereo line input
  • Push terminal speaker outputs
  • Powered by 8 “AA” batteries, or by 12VDC 3A (Power Supply sold separately)
  • Power output: 10W RMS x 2 channels @ 8ohm, 15W @ 4ohm
  • Frequency response: 60Hz~20KHz
  • THD: <0.1%
  • Signal to noise ratio: 80dB

Part Numbers
MCM Part #:50-10145
Stellar Labs Part #:50-10145
Package Specifications & Dimensions
Weight:0.86 lbs.
RoHS Comp:Yes
Warranty:90 days
Need to Return?
Length:7 in.
Width:6.5 in.
Height:3.07 in.
Shipping Information
Extra Shipping Charge:No
Drop Ship:No

Product Reviews Top

  • by dereckwillis

    on 6/20/2017

    GREAT little portable amp!

    Overall: 4.5 out of 5

    In a nutshell, I was thoroughly impressed with this little amplifier! I was especially happy using a larger 15 volt power supply as it really helped beef up the power output. I measured 19 watts x 2 RMS at 4 ohms, 15 volts, 1kHz and 1% THD. I got nearly the identical measurement using a 40Hz sine wave. Interesting in that the amp's specs show frequency response of 60Hz to 20kHz. I believe it has more bottom end than "rated". I was also able to obtain nearly 14 hours of battery life using some high capacity NiMH Rechargeable AA batteries. Very impressive!

    Fantastic little amp for a portable stereo system, for use with a computer and bookshelf speakers, or with a TV and small speakers....much better than the internal speakers and much more cost efficient than using a soundbar. Don't expect miracles though from this little amp. It looses steam in the lower frequencies (with speakers and music, not noted during power output test) and would greatly benefit from a powered subwoofer. I understand this could take away from it's portability, but just so you know what to expect.

    Stellar? Well, almost. Great little amp overall.

    For a complete video review, search for Stellar Labs 15x2 Tripath on YouTube and you should come across my video on my "BigDWiz" channel. This was a completely unbiased review, I bought 2 of these amps from MCM without any type of agreement on a review or video. I just do this stuff for you guys!

  • by NeubaumTurk_DYCA

    on 10/27/2016

    Love It

    Overall: 5 out of 5
    Top 10 Contributor

    Swiss army knife of amplifiers. I've used this little baby in more places than I can count (at least 35~40). TV's, computers, background music, pack porches, garages, you name it. Connect it, plug it in, turn it on and set the volume. Most of my installations require it to be on 24/7/365. Not a single failure and some have been in place over five years. Sound quality is good, unit is tiny small and can be mounted with velcro. What more do you need? This thing is perfect.

  • by jason tice

    on 8/30/2016


    Overall: 1.5 out of 5

    .. I just received this little amplifier, with high hopes of "stellar " performance, based on what people have been saying about THIS amplifier..
    ,.. It was on sale, and the other similar amps have been getting bad reviews, where as so far, this one seemed to be the best one out there...
    .. I also bought the MCM power supply, which seems like a well built unit..
    .. welp, straight out of the box, this 'thing" weighs like 3 ounces at MOST, and there's simply no 'meat" to it at all..
    .. I attempted to GENTLY hook the spring loaded speaker terminals/ bare wire speaker leads together, and the result was quite disappointing..
    .. I was able to shove the wires around, in hopes to make some sort of electrical contract, and keep the darned thing, but the more I tried to get it to work, the more terminals BROKE right off... internal components of the terminal as well fell right out/off....
    Quality wise, this is the biggest piece of _hit i've ever seen, and now that i;'m familiar with the sound 'quality" of class t amps, i'll look else where..
    I got what I paid for, a $20.00 battery powered 'amp'.... as well as a free head ache.
    AVOID at all costs guys, this thing is china as it gets.
    .. I only HOPE that MCM will replace it AFTER opening one they select to send, and verify it's not literally falling apart, or else refund my payment...
    If i could take stars away, i would... Even the 3 seconds of sound I got from it was not even worth listening to...
    Do yourself a favor, and buy something AMERICAN MADE!@!!

  • by BramPaterson

    on 3/25/2015

    Great Product

    Overall: 5 out of 5

    Very good sound, no distortion even when cranked to the max.

    The unit has ample volume. I'm currently running off batteries.

    Great buy, I'm satisfied.

  • by michaelpdunn

    on 12/8/2012


    Overall: 5 out of 5

    Outstanding!! This lil' amp is very clear,and quite loud. Hook it up to good speakers,an you will be surprised at it's performance.If you have a spare ac adapter it will play even louder![the adapter should be at least 2.0 amps] I'm using batteries,until they are spent,then I will use the adapter.Very pleased with this amp.

  • by andynasser

    on 6/10/2012

    Tripath amp

    Overall: 4.5 out of 5

    An amazing value!

  • by saharris

    on 5/31/2012

    Great Unit

    Overall: 4.5 out of 5

    Great little amp. I have used a few of these Tripath amps in the past and am very impressed with them. I used to be a sound engineer before I switch to RF design. I have designed and built three radio stations an many recording studios so I can be a tad fussy but I am also frugal. These tripath amps are great if you run them off a good linear power supply with proper voltage and current. Switcher power supplies will work ok but not as well. This unit is cased a little flimsy but it will work great if you do not plan on moving it around too much. I would not hesitate to recommend these or use them. The little kid in me says they are just darn fun to play with. The big boy in me just says "Yes"! MCM sells some great linear power supplies for CB's and HAM radio that are reasonably priced and perform well. These are what I use. Adjust them to 13.8-14.4 VDC. This will give you the best performance. These units do not even get warm.

  • by bobbonchak

    on 5/5/2012

    Compact Amplifier

    Overall: 5 out of 5

    Good unit for the sale price

  • by nbonine

    on 3/14/2012

    Great little amp

    Overall: 5 out of 5

    I have been looking for a low cost, clean specs, good sounding amp for a number of small sound applications. This fits the bill in every regard. Very quiet and low distortion as long as it is not driven too hard. Don't care about the batteries, give me an internal AC power supply!

  • by vacantmind

    on 3/7/2012

    good amp

    Overall: 4.5 out of 5

    This is what I was looking for to use with set of 5x7,10w, 8 ohm speakers that I put in a case, to use with Mp3 player when sitting next to the bonfire. Now I don't have to run extension cords out to power a set of computer speakers, that I was using. Would be nice if it had a simple tone control.

  • by mcmSioma

    on 1/28/2012

    Review of Compact 30W Class T Amplifier

    Overall: 4.5 out of 5

    When the amplifier is used with high efficiency speakers, the performance is is very good.

  • by installpro

    on 1/12/2012

    works great!

    Overall: 5 out of 5
    Top 10 Contributor

    Recently installed a 42" LCD television on wall of a local cafeteria and needed something to drive four ceiling speakers. This amp fit the bill perfectly. It was small enough to double-face-tape to the mount, prior to hanging the TV. It is being driven from the headphone output and sounds great, providing plenty of volume when needed, This is the perfect "utility amplifier" with many many uses. I highly recommend.

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