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15" Woofer with Poly Cone and Rubber Surround 200W RMS at 8ohm By MCM Audio Select (55-2974) MCM Part #55-2974

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15" Polypropylene Cone Woofer
Low cost general replacement woofer is ideal in a two way cabinets or as a compact subwoofer. It is perfect for a wide variety of home or autosound applications and is ideal for either ported or sealed enclosures.

Also available in 4Ohm Version

Specifications Top

    General Specifications:
    • Nominal Diameter: 15 inch
    • Rated Impedance: 8 ohms
    • Operating Bandwidth: 50Hz ~ 3KHz
    • Power Handling Capacity: 200W RMS
    • Sensitivity (1W/M): 92 dB
    • Voice Coil Diameter: 2 inch
    • Overall frame diameter: 15.08"

    Thiele-Small Parameters:
    • Resonance Frequency Fs: 32.5 Hz
    • DC Resistance Re: 7.2 ohm
    • Mechanical Q Factor Qms: 3.0845
    • Electrical Q Factor Qes: 0.5591
    • Total Q Factor Qts: 0.4733
    • Equivalent Cas air load Vas: 322.23 liters
    • Coil Inductance Le: 1.522 mH
    • Efficiency Bandwidth Product EBP 58
    • Voice Coil Over Hang X-max 6mm

    Physical Information:
    • Cutout: 13.82"
    • Mounting Depth: 5.63"
    • Basket: Stamped Steel
    • Magnet Type: 40 OZ
    • Cone Material: Polypropylene
    • Surround: Rubber
    • Dust Cap: Polypropylene
    • Damper: Cloth

    Part Numbers
    MCM Part #:55-2974
    MCM Audio Select Part #:55-2974
    Package Specifications & Dimensions
    Weight:8.5 lbs.
    RoHS Comp:Yes
    Warranty:365 days
    Need to Return?
    Length:16.75 in.
    Width:16.75 in.
    Height:9.5 in.
    Shipping Information
    Extra Shipping Charge:No
    Drop Ship:No

Product Reviews Top

  • by blitz4587

    on 5/13/2016

    Excellant Woofers!!

    Overall: 5 out of 5

    have two vintage fisher 46" speakers, replaced the fisher 15's due to dry rot, over the years, and these are the best ones I came across to fit perfectly into the fisher holes, and put the surrounding cover back onto the woofer housing, they fit like a glove, wish I knew about this site acouple weeks ago, I could have saved a lot of money, now I know were to come for basically anything home audio wise,

  • by allen banezz

    on 2/28/2015

    Good value.

    Overall: 4 out of 5

    I bought 4 of these to load a pair of EAW BH-215s. They are large bass horn PA speakers. 46" x 30" x 30". I could not believe the output while standing in front of these things. With a QSC 2450 pushing 2400 watts to these my pant legs were flapping. I know I know, I would suggest these for a home stereo project and will do great. Good value for a good price.

  • by montekay

    on 1/2/2015

    Perfect for open baffle dipole woofer system

    Overall: 5 out of 5

    I just got a pair of these to play with after having a positive experience with the 10" version. I don't have an application for them, just something to tinker with for a couple hours. I never did any measurements on the 10" but I've just been doing a bit on these 15" drivers. As any experienced DIY speaker builder might have guessed, the published data for Q is a bit off. I'm measuring Qts above 2.0 on both drivers with an FS of almost exactly 35 Hz on each driver. This makes these drivers perfect for two things, people that like really boomy bass and high resolution open baffle systems.

    If you put these in a box, put them in a really big sealed box and they will be okay but ideally you should use EQ. Of course ideally you should have EQ on almost any system. The perfect application for these would be to build floor to ceiling H-Frame open baffle columns on each side of your dedicated home theater. Put six or eight of these in each column. It could be argued to alternate the orientation but this only cancels even harmonics so I'm not so sure this is the best approach. In open air the 2nd harmonic is > -20 dB down at 20 Hz given a 4 volt input. At the same point 3rd is > -30 dB down. At 30 Hz both are -40 dB. Beyond this both drop to -50 dB down to about 300 Hz where they come back up to around -40 dB. Higher harmonics are consistently lower than 2nd and 3rd. These are some pretty good distortion specs for such an inexpensive woofer. Pretty good for a considerably more expensive woofer in fact. So other than the high Qts which makes them virtually useless for any conventional box design, these are pretty good drivers... ideal for open baffle.

    A dual open baffle column system using 6 or 8 of these per column along with DSP equalization (The miniDSP 2x4 is an ideal EQ solution) would pretty overwhelmingly blow away any high-end audiophile conventional box subwoofer in existence. This type system has a lot of unfair advantages over conventional box systems. It doesn't need a large magnet because it doesn't need a low Qts. In fact a high Qts is an advantage. They're cheap and light weight so you can use a lot of them. Of course it has disadvantages, the columns will be 8 or 10 feet tall weigh a couple hundred lbs or more. My personal home theater has twin columns using twelve much more expensive 15" drivers per column and those weigh 700 lbs each. Because I have more and my drivers have far more linear excursion I run them down to 13 Hz but I think a system using 8 of these in each column cut off around 16 ~ 18 Hz 4th order would be 80 ~ 90% as good as my system and for a tiny fraction of the price. So if you have the space for such a twin column system this woofer would be a good candidate. Distortion is pretty low and they don't generate much wind or other extraneous noise. You wouldn't need much power, 40 ~ 50 watts per woofer is plenty. (well that's in total about 400 watts/side so use multiple amplifiers... I use a three channel amp in each column, 4 woofers/channel, about 60 watts/woofer)

    If you build a pair of dipole columns with these and you happen to have a rich friend that owns a $50,000 or $100,000 audio system... well, if he hears yours and you tell him the price you're going to see a grown man cry. Of course you're going to have to spend a bit more to build a system with comparable quality in the 80 Hz to the top. Otherwise your friend will just admit that you have the cleanest bass he's ever heard but maybe nothing more. You might consider floor to ceiling line arrays for that too but the driver cost is going to be considerable for that. Especially tweeters, they need to be small enough to keep center to center spacing tight and good enough to keep distortion low so you're going to need maybe 60 ~ 80 tweeters per side and maybe 20 ~ 24 quality mid-bass drivers so you'll be a few thousand dollars deep in driver cost for that 80 Hz to 20 KHz part. But hey, it will be worth it to see your friend with the $100K system cry;-)


  • by mattkitchen

    on 12/3/2014


    Overall: 4.5 out of 5

    Believe it or not the speaker is only 20$ but they sound great and rock out! I am breaking 2 of them in as we speak! On 250wRMSx2!

  • by greywolf0723

    on 9/27/2014

    Great product with excellent value

    Overall: 5 out of 5

    I purchased a pair of these to replace some tired 15 inch Pioneer woofers. Previously I had built a new box and used the same speakers, but the speakers were old and beat up. At first I was a little disappointed because I was getting very little bass out of them, then I remembered that they have to have some break in time. I have had them operational now for about 2 weeks, and they keep getting louder. As the speakers break in, their sensitivity increases, and movement becomes smoother and less uninhibited. Now they sound great, with plenty of loudness and clarity for movies or music. I will buy this speaker again. I am currently ordering the 10 inch versions for another project.

  • by

    on 7/2/2014

    Good bang for the buck

    Overall: 4.5 out of 5

    Bought these to supplement existing DJ system. I had a set of old cabinets, put these in to see how they would work, they are great. Took my time breaking them in, put 2 per cabinet, 18"x40"x14" with 2 4" ports 5.5" long, crossed over at 700Hz. Nice tight bass, punchy without peaks in response.

  • by jbird604

    on 3/10/2013

    Good low-cost organ subwoofer replacement

    Overall: 5 out of 5

    Tremendous bass and power, especially considering the very low price. We've used these many times to replace the rotted-out foam-surround drivers in 1980's or 1990's church organ speaker systems. Sure, they're not exact replacements per all the parameters, but they sound great, probably just as good as the originals, and seem to be very durable. I'd rather use these than exact replacements with foam. The efficiency ratings actually don't tell the whole story, as the response curve is weighted toward the bottom and these speakers are louder at 100 Hz than they are at 1000 Hz. My sense is that the low end gets extended by an octave or more when installed in pairs in big subwoofer cabinets like the Rodgers P32. So they pack a lot of punch. Most stock organ amps only deliver 100 watts, so the fairly low power handling figure is of no concern in this application.

  • by Ryan Bienvenu

    on 11/29/2012

    55-2974 - 15" Woofer with Poly Cone and Rubber Surround 200W RMS at 8ohm

    Overall: 5 out of 5

    Really a good bang for your buck I would recommend to anyone

  • by djosech

    on 3/15/2012

    Excellent replacement!

    Overall: 5 out of 5

    Replaced a speaker in one of my Tower speakers that goes to my Kenwood system! Sounds Great. Good quality construction of the speaker! I would buy them again if I need them in the future.

  • by abcdmku

    on 3/10/2012


    Overall: 5 out of 5

    I was not expecting much from this woofer, but it really has a kick to it! I put it in a box I had laying around [I normally make custom boxes for each sub] and it really worked. Its a sealed box with ~1.7 cu. ft. Well worth the money!

  • by cjpilot

    on 2/19/2012

    55-2974 15" Woofer

    Overall: 4.5 out of 5
    Top 25 Contributor

    I have used this woofer for replacing blown 15" speakers in some LOWER end PA cabinets & Bass Amps. They work fine for that but would NOT recommend them for a DESIGN requiring a driver over 75 to 100 WATTS.

  • by spaintim

    on 9/27/2010

    15" Woofer

    Overall: 4.5 out of 5

    These make perfect subwoofers for a home theatre application. The woofers are not high end but they do create enough bass in a home theatre setting to impress anybody. I have four of them in a custom 2' by 2' by 4' box built to be in a corner of a room. The 15's put out an enormous amount of sound. I was really impressed by the quality, and sound of a $25 woofer, but you have to remember they're not $200 woofers, and their not going to preform like them either.

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