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Mid / High Frequency Cabinet with Midrange Horn and Piezo TweetersMCM Part #: 555-10350  |  MCM Custom Audio Part #: 555-10350

Mid / High Frequency Cabinet with Midrange Horn and Piezo Tweeters 3.9 stars from 10 reviews.
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Mid / High Frequency Cabinet

Featuring four piezo horn tweeters and a piezo midrange horn, this cabinet delivers outstanding midr and high frequency response and is an ideal addition to any PA speaker system.

Product Description


  • Power capacity: 300W RMS, 600W peak
  • Frequency response: 1KHz~20KHz
  • SPL: 95dB (W/M)
  • Nominal impedance: 8ohm
  • 1/4" and binding post parallel inputs
  • Dimensions: 11" (H) x 17" (W) x 13.75" (D)

Product Reviews

  • "Work really well" by NeubaumTurk_DYCA on 12/22/2014
    Overall: 4.5 out of 5
    Top 10 Contributor

    I bought two of these to add to an existing two way cabinet that was a bit low on the upper high end. Simply paralleled them with the cabinet and fired them up. They work great, add a considerable amount to the upper mid-to-high range. Considering the price I couldn't be happier. I knocked off a star for quality, as the cabinets are pretty thin and lightweight, and the connections are not the heaviest duty. But overall for the money you cant go wrong. I'd recommend to anyone.

  • "What the heck????" by aarone on 12/21/2014
    Overall: 1 out of 5

    Yeah, so I thought to myself "eh, mixed reviews". Asked my dad to order me four of these for Christmas, as I have some woofers that were given to me. Thought they might be a nice addition. Im struggling to get a dj rig going using basically free and donated equipment. My dad ordered them and had them shipped to my home here in Fl. As far as looks, sure, they look great. Figured if the wattage ratings were outragouse, even if I could just push 100 watts through em. I would be happy.
    They arrived, I unpacked them all and set them up. The connections on the back are so cheaply made they are hidious. By the time you get them tight enough so that the wire doesnt slip out, the entire connection, nut inside and all, has spun, including the wire inside the cabinet twisiting. I verified this by removing the plate. I should have paid more attention to the specs, as sure, they can prob handle 300-600 watts, but my 1,200 watt power amp which had both chanels set to max vol, I now have to have my woofers at maybe at best 1/4 volume, and the tweeter cab chanel maxed out. AND i have to run my mixer feed so loud and so hot into the amp that they distort and sound awefull. Basically these have the worst snr, sensetivity, spl, and overall sound that I have EVER seen. you have to have these things CRANKED to barely get any sound. Hooked up to the same chanel as the woofer, I can BARELY hear anything from these things, so am forced to run them on there own chanel on the amp.
    While I had the horn out (wanted to see just what fancy "crossover"network they were using, I noticed that on two of the cabinets, the particle board is swollen on the inside, like these have allready been kept in a wonderfully moisture filled room for a year lol. The crossover, if you want to call it that, is one large white resistor that feeds both the mid horn, and the tweeters. No wonder the mid horn actually reproduces the same sound that
    I am hearing through the piezos... you basically have a cheap large resistor and five piezos, one just "looks" like a midrange horn. Quit possibly with a different size resistor for the horn, or a crossover made up of more than one component, the horn "could" reproduce more mid sounds, But I wouldnt know where to begin there. If I did, I would just be building my own cabinets. Whats awesome is that as I unboxed them, I tossed the cardboard into my fire pit, so return is not even possible (although the cardboard is prob worth more than the product itself) GUARENTEED that the particle board and carpet/ plastic corners cost more than the components in the cab. One of the midrange horn drivers was crossthreaded onto the horn, barely hanging on. WHAT A JOKE!!!!!
    Thanks mcm, for getting my hopes up, and wasting my dads money. Trying to start a business on a shoestring budget, I actually feel like a fool, buyer beware I guess.... You have all been warned.... Actually had faith in MCM and was excited anticipating the arrival of these pieces of kindling...... Never again

  • "Absolute Garbage" by timex0 on 4/25/2014
    Overall: 2 out of 5

    I ordered 4 of these because they were on sale. They do give the illusion of a quality product, complete with reinforced corners, carpeting, etc. The problem is they don't work. There was at least one driver on all four of my units that didn't work right out of the box, and the packaging arrived in good condition, indicating the problems didn't arise during shipping.

    Some of the jacks didn't work right either. You want to use a 1/4" male to male to daisy chain them to something, but some of them didn't work and I had to use the flimsy screw-lock connectors just to get any sound out of them. Put your ear up to each of the five drivers, and chances are at least some of them will not be working.

    The drivers and jacks are easily removable, I think the best use for these is just to remove all of the drivers, install your own tweeter(s) and / or a small midrange in a new custom-built front. You will end up with a good-looking, working product reworking these units yourself.

    I gave it a 3 for value only because of the ability to do that, otherwise they are worthless as is, unless you are happy with one or two drivers out of 5 working.

  • "Simple horn cabinet, but very effective" by thomasrung on 7/5/2012
    Overall: 5 out of 5

    unbelievable quality and sound for the price ... i couldn't buy the midrange horn for what i paid for the whole unit. it really brought my keyboard speaker to life. wish i had bought more at the super low price i got them for.

  • "Glad I purchased" by gbergh on 4/21/2012
    Overall: 4.5 out of 5

    Except for the fact that I only got one of the units (the other is back-ordered), I used it on stage and it performed very well - lots more clarity, needed very little tweaking on the EQ. Fairly narrow dispersion angle - really need two, one on each PA stack. Lots of compliments about our sound, however. Not the best construction, but an excellent value for the money paid.

  • "Speaker Cabinet" by cybercord on 3/10/2012
    Overall: 2.5 out of 5

    Box came with compression driver bouncing internal of box. The threads do not match very well and will not create a snug fit. Not worth sending back or complaining. I used locktite to fix the threading issues as nothing was broken. Plays as I had hoped for and for the price, it sounds fine. Plastic box corners, but what can you expect for $35. Would I buy again , probably. Recommend, ?? take your chances vs price is ok. It meet my expectation vs price. Not comparing to JBL or other high end drivers. Needs a handle, it light and looks good.

  • "Midrange / Piezo set-up" by mojoaudioguru on 2/1/2012
    Overall: 4.5 out of 5

    Although, I'm not a fan of piezo horns and or midranges, these cabinets seem to do what I need them to do. I use a pair of them as center fill for very wide stage set-ups. I always put my dual 15" subwoofer in the front center of the stage, firing out to the audience. These Mid / Hi cabinets then sit on top of the sub, firing out towards the audience, as well. Although they don't sound anything like my JBL SR4738s, (Located on either side of the stage), these do the trick for center fill, without any issues. They can handle the power, too. The sub puts out 1,000 watts total, while these are putting out 250 watts per cabinet. The construction quality is excellent. The value was unbelievable. I'll be ordering another pair of these, as back-up horns. The JBLs have a tendency to blow thier diaphragms on occassion. In a pinch, these would do just fine. (I'd just pop them on top of the JBL 18" 3-ways, and I'm good to go) I recommend them as either center fill or back-up horns.

  • "Mid / High Cabinets" by Davisound on 11/30/2011
    Overall: 5 out of 5
    Top 10 Contributor

    Just received our second set of these cabinets. You cannot believe how good these sound without actually hearing them for yourself! Very well built, light weight and easy to connect. We stack them on our 12" cabinets which sit on 18" subs. A noticable improvement in the upper midrange of our system with cleaner vocals and more presence on the drum kit! The solid corner protectors really help extend the life of these cabinets when on the road.

  • "Far, Far better than expected" by jpaulbolcar on 11/28/2011
    Overall: 5 out of 5

    I've owned a a pair of these for maybe 18 months now. They replaced two Altec 811B horns which were quite loud but had nowhere near the sweetness of these boxes. At 1 watt rms they provide just enough middle and top end to be enjoyable for normal small room listening. Pushing them with a 275 watt rms (per channel) amp to 100 or 120 watts and these things really come to life! Cross them over around 1000 Hz and couple them with a couple of quality wide range 15" speaker bins and you have a crisp and clear high quality DJ rig. I also use them as part of a wide range keyboard rig. At their minimal cost, I can't praise these speakers enough! I just bought a backup pair that were on sale at a ridiculously low MCM price! You will not be disappointed.

  • "Tweeters" by phantomv on 10/6/2011
    Overall: 5 out of 5

    They are well worth the money, look and sound great.

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Package Specifications & Dimensions
Weight:17 lbs.
RoHS Comp:Yes
Warranty:365 days
Need to Return?
Length:18.75 in.
Width:15 in.
Height:12.25 in.
Shipping Information
Extra Shipping Charge:No
Drop Ship:No
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MCM Cat 57, Page 028

MCM Cat 56, Page 190

Mfr. Info

MCM Custom Audio Logo
Mfr. Name:MCM Custom Audio
Mfr. Part Number:555-10350
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