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Complete 150W PA System - 4CH Mixer and Two 10" Speakers By Pulse (PMH200KIT) MCM Part #555-17400

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Complete 150W PA System Package
Complete PA system package consists of a four-input mixer amplifier, handheld microphone and a pair of 10" 2-way speakers. It is perfect for a variety of uses including presentations, parties, aerobics instruction, small stage venues and more. Easy, quick setup, combined with rugged carpeted enclosures with metal corner protectors and integral handles, make this the perfect portable system.
    Amplifier Features:
  • 75W RMS x 2CH (100W x 2CH max)
  • Four channel mono mixer
  • Rear panel CD/TAPE inputs (RCA Female)
  • Dual 1/4" speaker outputs
  • Effects loop, 1/4" unbalanced send and return
  • Line level record-out
  • Master three-band EQ (80Hz, 2.5KHz, 12.5KHz)
  • Dimensions: 5.43" (H) x 19.29" (W) x 10.63" (D)
  • Weight: 16 lbs.
    Mixer Input Channel Features:
  • Balanced XLR mic input
  • Unbalanced 1/4" line input
  • Bass level control, centered at 80Hz
  • Treble level control, centered at 12.5KHz
  • Effects-send level control
  • Channel gain control
  • Power capacity: 100W RMS
  • Frequency response: 70Hz ~ 18KHz
  • Sensitivity: 88dB (W/M)
  • Impedance: 4ohm
  • 10" woofer
  • 3" x 7" piezo horn tweeter
  • 1/4" input and daisy chain output
  • Recessed handles
  • 35mm pole mount adapter for use with standard speaker stands
  • Dimensions (each): 20.87" (W) x 14.96" (W) x 11.81" (D)
  • Weight (each): 22 lbs.

Part Numbers
MCM Part #:555-17400
Pulse Part #:PMH200KIT
Package Specifications & Dimensions
Weight:67 lbs.
RoHS Comp:Yes
Warranty:365 days
Need to Return?
Length:27.5 in.
Width:25 in.
Height:16.5 in.
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Extra Shipping Charge:Yes, add $20.00 per item
Drop Ship:No

Product Reviews Top

  • by matthews1977

    on 1/18/2013

    If you're on a budget and don't mind the trials of 3rd world assembly, it's a winner!

    Overall: 3.5 out of 5

    Ok, You know what comes in the box (it's listed above) So i'll review each piece as I received it and then give my listening impressions and final thoughts.

    MIC & Cable:

    Probably one of the cheaper pieces of junk i've encountered, but that was not why I purchased the kit. It was more of an 'added bonus' and will be treated as a spare. Out of the box the MIC looked to be missing a decal that covers the on/off switch insert and assembly was poor. I cannot forsee a ton of duty cycle on this switch, but time would tell. It functions fine and sounds rather decent. The cable came with a sheathing defect, not shipping damage, so I suspect quality control is vague at the plant. Overall it will reek of cheap, so plan to have or get a better MIC for the sake of reliability and stuff this thing in the 'spares' area.

    The Amplifier (head):

    Chassis construction is good with a steel frame, wood housing, steel corners, nice carpet and a lovely carrying handle. It doesn't weigh much but I wouldn't judge it based on that fact. There are rubber feet on the bottom for table top usage and I noticed they are spaced to 'hug' the top of a speaker in this kit perfectly if you want to stack it there. There is plenty of rear venting and you can see a torridal style transformer inside which is a good sign for an inexpensive amplifier. I did note some more quality control issues with the assembly of this unit, namely off center knob attachment (fixable by yourself) and a cross threaded, rear 1/4 jack nut that was only half on. I presume they use pre-set torque drivers to assemble using plastic, so the tool probably stopped halfway down the shaft and considered it done due to the cross thread friction. The trials of a 3rd world assembly plant with little quality control at it's finest. A major disappointment overall, was the lack of POT attachment to the front panel. The POT's are plastic shaft, PCB mounted and there is no reinforcement mounting for the shaft on the front panel. This makes for very wobbly and fragile feeling knobs. They all seem to work OK, but i'm a little concerned for the future of the solder joints at the PCB. If that news irks you, i'd call it a deal breaker.

    The PA Speakers:

    These are lighter than you would expect at a glance, and I like that part. They are wood, with matched carpet style to the amplifier head with plastic corners and plastic inset carry handles. Very easy for even a small person to lug around. The stamped steel grill is strong and not flimsy to the point where I would worry about a flying bottle caving one into a speaker cone. So I suspect they will do the job of protecting the drivers well. The are removable for easy driver replacement which I consider important.The rear panel includes a 'through' jack to daisy chain and the cabinets are tune port reflex enclosures. There is a standard recess at the bottom for tri-pod mounting, so that is like a little win. What I should point out however, is the rubber feet on the bottom of the cabinets for floor usage. These rubber 'pucks' do NOT have a mounting screw recess. They rely on burying the mounting screw head deep enough into the rubber to sit under flush and not scratch your nice hardwood floors :) I think this was a poor idea and urge anyone to check their units for protruding screw heads on the bottom of the feet before you go 'sliding' them around.

    Break-in Impressions:

    I broke this kit in at home with the AUX inputs. I did try the MIC XLR on channel 1 and it works well with a respectable noise floor. I don't really have any complaints here. For the AUX input I just used some program material for several hours. Program material ranged all over the genre map. First off, don't expect to hear the best sound you've ever experienced. These are PA speakers, not studio monitors. That said and considered; I was impressed. With some minor EQ (at the head) adjustments, I got a very respectable sound and a very healthy pre-clip volume. I had no grill rattles or audible distortion from the woofers even on bass drops. Shockingly, the woofers produce a healthy solid kick and they will go fairly deep. I admit i'm a little shocked and I have tons of pro-audio experience under my belt, these were bought for a friend on a budget, not for personal use. I use a studio grade setup myself, and these obviously don't compare, but I am surprised by the performance none the less and that should be said here. The tweeters leave a little to be desired in the higher end of the spectrum up close, but with a little distance the breakup disperses quickly and they become acceptable (just don't stick your face in front of it). 2-way systems don't have a mid range and this is for PA usage so I should talk about that now as it's important. The mid-range was acceptable, bottom line. Thanks in part to the on-head EQ I was able to make small adjustments to achieve a respectable reproduction across the band. As they spent some time breaking in, the tone even warmed up a little, so give them a chance.


    For the money, it's tough to go wrong. My friend is on a super small budget and needs vocal reinforcement in small coffee shop gigs.I did a lot of looking around and this was a banger for the buck so we took a shot and it was left in my hands. I like modular system such as this as opposed to self-amplified because your controls are all centralized, and even if the head goes bad you can swap or even upgrade it to more channels, etc and keep the speakers. Furthermore even if the speakers die, the cabinets should last a long while and the speakers are replacable. So when you look at what you spent and the possibility to expand on it, upgrade pieces, or replace components seperately; It's not a bad gamble at all. I have no doubt in my mind this will provide that vocal boost they need to overcome the drums and guitar heads they lug into these places. Furthermore, as a Mix DJ I have to say I wouldn't even hesitate to use this for small gigs! Mind you house parties and such, not banquet halls! But the sound reinforcement levels are plenty strong enough to upset somebodys neighbors easily and the head never even got hot. Something like this you can easily cart around and toss in the trunk of a tiny car. It also comes with everything you need to setup and start making noise out of the box. I will say if and when thee arrive, you inspect the packaging and contents very carefully for any defects! Rectify what you can and what you cannot; send back. (Would the moderator reviewing this review please seperate this into paragraphs! I did so in the input form and the 'preview' area is a jumbled mess.) Thanks! - Matt