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Deluxe Analog Display VOMMCM Part #: 72-8170  |  Tenma Part #: 72-8170

Deluxe Analog Display VOM 3.4 stars from 4 reviews.
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Deluxe Analog Display VOM
Perfect for educational purposes or in applications where unstable readings make digital displays inconvenient. Measures AC/DC voltage, DC current, resistance, decibels, continuity, identifies PNP and NPN transistors and tests batteries under a load.

Product Description

  • Large three–color mirrored scale
  • Carry handle that doubles as a stand
  • Continuity buzzer
  • Includes test leads and instruction manual
  • Requires (1) 9V and (2) “AA” batteries (included)

    Specifications: Range
  • DC Voltage: 600mV, 3V, 12V, 60V, 300V, 1000V
  • AC Voltage: 12V, 60V, 300V, 1000V
  • DC Current: 120µA, 3mA, 30mA, 300mA, 10A
  • Resistance: X1Ω, x100Ω, x1KΩ, x10KΩ
  • Battery Test: 1.5V @ 300mA, 9V @ 30mA
  • Continuity: Audible indication <100Ω
  • Input Impedance: 20KΩ/V (DC), 9KΩ/V (AC)
  • Dimensions: 6.7" (H) x 4.9" (W) x 1.9" (D)

  • DC Voltage (≤300V): ±3% of full scale
  • DC Voltage (1000V): ±5% of full scale
  • AC Voltage (≤300V): ±4% of full scale
  • AC Voltage (1000V): ±5% of full scale
  • DC Current (≤300mA): ±3% of full scale
  • DC Current (10): ±5% of full scale
  • Resistance : ±3% of arc

  • Product Reviews

    • "DOA" by teegiroux on 10/21/2013
      Overall: 1 out of 5

      Don't know how this works, because the one I received did not work. No needle response on any setting. Checked internal battery polarity twice; didn't get a chance to try different batteries. Broke it (exceeded unfused current capability) while trying to get a response from 120VAC.

    • "Good value for the money but poor manufacturing quality control" by wb0rxx on 9/9/2013
      Overall: 2.5 out of 5
      Top 25 Contributor

      I have purchased many items from MCM over the years, but this meter is the first item to totally disappoint me. Out of the box it only worked on a few of the DC voltage and resistance scales. The selector switch felt like it was jamming on some of the detents, so I pulled the unit apart to investigate. I was shocked to find the power leads for the transistor tester tangled in the selector switch contacts. Further investigation found a number of cold solder joints on the main board and the transistor tester sub-board not properly seated. I fixed all of the problems and once again tested the meter. This time I found that very few of the ranges of the meter did anything at all. There is not a lot that can go wrong in such a simple meter, so I suspected the switch contacts were bad. Upon closer examination, I found that one of the spring copper contacts had a crack in it where it rubbed against the PC board. I bridged the crack with a bit of solder and the meter started to work as it should have from the factory. Overall, the calibration seems to be very good on the 0.6-60 DC voltage and all of the current ranges. The D'arsonval meter movement is a bit cheap in that it requires mechanical re-zeroing when setting the unit on its back or standing upright, but that is a minor issue for most people. The battery tester, continuity buzzer, transistor tester, and zero-ohm switch are nice features to have on such an inexpensive meter, but I personally will not likely use any of them. I purchased this meter for those rare times when I have to peak/null a voltage, and for that purpose, this unit should work fine.

    • "Deluxe Analog VOM" by alval43209 on 2/2/2013
      Overall: 5 out of 5

      The large meter face (8x10 cm) makes it easy for my old eyes to read. I think this is an excellent meter for the price, providing you purchase it with the knowledge it does not have a high impedance for measuring micro electronics. I have several meters, but sometimes I just need a simple VOM to measure electrical where the swing of an analog meter is beneficial. This meter is excellent and is accurate for simple electrical measurements. An interesting feature of the meter is a test area for determining if a transistor is NPN or PNP. I also like the "off" feature that dampens and protects the meter movement when the meter is transported.

    • "72-8170 ANALOG VOLT/OHM METER" by gatitolove on 5/15/2012
      Overall: 5 out of 5

      I have my electronic shop and use all the time 72-8170 Analog Volt /Ohm Meter for check all rectifiers and zener diodes and resistors,ect... Has never failed me in my field of electronics, I recommend it veryexcellent.Thanks MCM for all the good equipment you sell.

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    Package Specifications & Dimensions
    Weight:1 lbs.
    RoHS Comp:No
    Warranty:365 days
    Need to Return?
    Length:7.25 in.
    Width:6 in.
    Height:2.5 in.
    Shipping Information
    Extra Shipping Charge:No
    Drop Ship:No
    Catalog Pages

    MCM Cat 57, Page 1223

    MCM Cat 56, Page 1064

    PDF Reference

    Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

    Mfr. Info

    Tenma Logo
    Mfr. Name:Tenma
    Mfr. Part Number:72-8170
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