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Four Channel USB Datalogger / Recorder with software By Velleman SA (PCS10) MCM Part #72-8520

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The PSC10 allows you to record DC signals or slow-moving signals over very long periods and view the results on your PC.

Specifications Top

  • Record DC signals or slow-moving signals over very long periods
  • The measurements are automatically stored on your hard disk for further processing
  • Thanks to the USB connection no power supply is necessary and installation is easy and straightforward
  • Signals are instantly displayed on the PC screen using an analogue or DVM display
  • USB cable included
  • PC-LAB2000 Software included

Hardware Specifications:

  • USB connected and powered
  • Four DC-coupled input channels
  • Input resistance: 1Mohm
  • Maximum samples per second: 100
  • Four input ranges: 3V / 6V / 15V and 30V
  • Sensitivity: 10mV
  • Accuracy: ±3% of full scale
  • Maximum input: 30Vdc
  • Power and recording/diagnostic LED

Software Specifications:

  • Analogue trace or DVM readout
  • 4 channels record simultaneously
  • Minimum / maximum sample hold function for DVM
  • From 1 sec to 1000 sec per division
  • Storage and recall of screens (full color) or data
  • Automatic recording option for long recordings
  • On screen markers for time and voltage
  • DLL included for your own developments

System Requirements:

  • PC, running Win98SE or higher (does not work on WinNT or Win95)
  • Free USB port
  • Mouse
  • CD-ROM drive

  • Part Numbers
    MCM Part #:72-8520
    Velleman SA Part #:PCS10
    Package Specifications & Dimensions
    Weight:0.73 lbs.
    RoHS Comp:Yes
    Warranty:365 days
    Need to Return?
    Length:9.5 in.
    Width:6.5 in.
    Height:2 in.
    Shipping Information
    Extra Shipping Charge:No
    Drop Ship:No

    Product Reviews Top

    • by majtech67

      on 1/17/2012

      Velleman 4 chnl USB data logger

      Overall: 4 out of 5

      Unit is easy to setup and use. Software interface is very basic and leaves a little to be desired. I needed a way to log temperature data over a 12 hour period, this seemed like the right item/price to do it, and it does. The charting capabilites fall short of my expectations as you do not have a lot of control of how the data is plotted. Long logging sessions do not plot while being collected, the data is stored and can be "opened" post collection. The limitation is in how much data can be displayed at one time. You cannot change the time "scale" for the chart, which I would like to do. The data is stored in a simple text file (*.txt) format so I suppose I can use excel to chart long sessions. I would prefer an option to time stamp the data using the PC clock instead of simply plotting the number of seconds since logging was started. Barring these software short commings, this unit is impressive and with simple external circuits, can be used to monitor almost anything. I am using it to monitor temperature of my solar hot water panels (chnl 1), heat exchanger (chnl 2) and room temperature (chnl 3). Thermistors, a simple voltage regulator circuit and biasing resistors are all that was needed. Since my needed are to show relative values, I was not concerned with accuracy and did not check that specifically, but can say that the voltages shown by the logger matched the cheap DMM that I use. I will be purchasing at least one more to monitor my furnace ( room temp, furnace temp, run time).....

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