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Diode/Transistor Tester Kit By Elenco (DT-100K) MCM Part #80-1170

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Build your own diode/transistor tester. This dynamic tester allows checking of transistors and diodes in circuit. You can identify NPN or PNP transistors. Also checks all types, small or large power and identifies anode or cathode of diodes.

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Part Numbers
MCM Part #:80-1170
Elenco Part #:DT-100K
Package Specifications & Dimensions
Weight:1.125 lbs.
Warranty:90 days
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Length:8 in.
Width:5.5 in.
Height:3.5 in.
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Extra Shipping Charge:No
Drop Ship:No

Product Reviews Top

  • by sailorbob

    on 4/10/2013

    Fun to build, otherwise to use

    Overall: 2 out of 5

    As completely, thoroughly and well written as the instructions were in fact for the step by step assembly of this instrument, so were sorely lacking those that supposedly explained the proper usage of the device. If you are lucky enough to know the gender and pin out of a transistor you are testing, then it functions reasonably well as far as telling you whether the particular transistor is either good or eminently tossable....but if you don't happen to know those details in advance, you will be wasting a lot of time permuting leads and watching deceptive signals from red LEDs. For the sake of discussion, let's say you are checking a garden variety PNP transistor and you already know which is emitter, which is base, etc., and you know it's PNP and it is all hooked up properly and the switch on the left side of the instrument face is in "PNP" will depress the "test" button and slowly turn the knob (base cuirrent) from zero upwards...10...20 etc., until the "OK" LED lights up (and it should very bright and unmistakable) and as you slowly increase the base current knob, the "PNP" light should go from completely dark to dim red and then slowly get brighter as you advance the knob while the "NPN" LED remains completely unlit. Similar remarks would apply for a good NPN Xsistor. However, if you don't know in advance and get some Phantom X in there, you can plan on wasting considerable time trying to find out the gender and pin-out of the component---I have seen both the NPN and the PNP lights come on at the same time as well as having the PNP go out and the NPN come on as I reduced the base current back to zero. NONE of this is covered in the instructions. So the bottom line is that you will enjoy putting the tester together but it won't be much of a pleasure to use it and you will not be getting much bang for the buck quite frankly

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