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TinkerKit Hall Sensor Module By Arduino (T000070) MCM Part #83-14724

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A Hall sensor creates a voltage related to the magnetic field around the sensor. This can be used to detect distance from a nearby magnet. Hall sensors can also be used to detect the magnetic field induced in a wire or coil.

Output: This module outputs 5v when a magnetic field (e.g. a human body) is close to the sensor, and roughly 0v when there is nothing nearby. When connected to an input on the Arduino using the TinkerKit Shield, you can see values between 0 (no presence) and 1023 (presence detected).

Module description: An Hall Sensor is mounted on a standard TinkerKit board; on the back of the module you can find a signal amplifier, a green LED that signals that the module is correctly powered and a yellow LED whose brightness depends on the values output by the module.

NB: There are exposed electrical contacts on the sensor surface - be careful to not touch the board with metallic objects, you may cause a short.

This module is a SENSOR. The connector is an OUTPUT which must be connected to one of the INPUT connectors on the TinkerKit Shield.