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TinkerKit Thermistor Module By Arduino (T000200) MCM Part #83-14730

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The Thermistor is a resistor whose resistance varies significantly (more than in standard resistors) with temperature.

Output: This module's output approches 5v as the temperature increases. As the temperature decreases, it approaches 0V. When connected to an input on the Arduino using the TinkerKit Shield, expect to read values between 0 and 1023

(NB: any changes in the values will be slow and may not vary a great deal). Module Description: This module features a Thermistor, a signal amplifier, the standard TinkerKit 3pin connector, a green LED that signals that the module is correctly powered and a yellow LED whose brightness changes according to the temperature.

This module is a SENSOR. The connector is an OUTPUT which must be connected to one of the INPUT connectors on the TinkerKit Shield.