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Clear Raspberry Pi™ Enclosure for B+ and Pi 2 Model B By Multicomp (2426744) MCM Part #83-16319

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These Raspberry Pi enclosures are designed to give you maximum use of the Raspberry Pi board. Designed to allow viewing of the status LED's as well as proper airflow to keep your Raspberry Pi cool.

Specifications Top

  • Two piece construction, base and cover, moulded in a smooth finish ABS plastic
  • Base has side clips which positively locate the Raspberry Pi board into position allowing it to be operated with or without the cover in place, giving easy access to the GPIO and JTAG pins
  • Base comes with four rubber feet and also features two screw slots to allow the enclosure to be vertically mounted
  • Case includes mounting holes for the Pi Camera modules
  • Cover can be easily removed without the need to unplug any cables
  • The cover features a tunnel recess to allow viewing of the operation LEDs
  • Vented base and cover to allow through air flow
  • To avoid possible damage, please remove your microSD card before inserting or removing your Pi from the case

Raspberry Pi board not included

Also available in Black

Part Numbers
MCM Part #:83-16319
Multicomp Part #:2426744
Package Specifications & Dimensions
Weight:0.125 lbs.
Warranty:365 days
Need to Return?
Length:4 in.
Width:2.5 in.
Height:1.25 in.
Shipping Information
Extra Shipping Charge:No
Drop Ship:No

Product Reviews Top

  • by n9yty

    on 3/5/2016

    If the same as in the kits...

    Overall: 2 out of 5

    I just bought two Pi3 B+ kits, one Project and one Media. Both of the cases that were in the kits look identiccal to this. Both of them have a top that fails to latch/snap to the bottom so that they are very lose and falling off. One of the reviews here said that they were tight to remove, definately not the situation here. Not sure yet how I'll fix it, and not sure what was wrong... The little tabs are there on both the top and bottom but they just don't seem to be lining up or have enough overlap to provide any function in terms of holding it together.

  • by CyberSp00k

    on 5/18/2015

    Useful Project Case

    Overall: 4.5 out of 5

    I go this case as part of a Pi2 bundle. As noted by others, there were no instructions. However, the product video linked on the product page showed how to install the camera. I'm still puzzled about the third, larger slot in the top, but I'm sure its purpose will become clear in time.

  • by gdstew

    on 3/25/2015

    Nice case

    Overall: 4 out of 5

    Not a big fan of snap together cases only because they can be a pain to get open and this one
    is no exception. Otherwise its a nice case that the Raspberry Pi fits fairly snugly in. Also like the
    plastic feet which is not on a lot of cases.

    It looks like the case also has a mount for a run switch but I have not seen one advertised for it.
    I would like to see one made available or a least a part number/manufacturer for it.

  • by JeremyMCM

    on 3/18/2015

    Solid, very well designed and engineered.

    Overall: 5 out of 5

    My RPi2 fit in it perfectly. I got this to protect my RPi2 computer and associated camera. It's nice that no screws or other connectors are used -- it just snaps together. There was no documentation with it. It took a while to figure out how to open it back up when I wanted to mount the camera in it. In my experience, I was able to open it by pushing in on the bottom part of the case (toward the USB ports) while at the same time pushing from the opposite end of the top part of the case, and prying a little with my fingers. I'd rather have it be a bit hard to open than to have it come open unintentionally. The camera fit perfectly, too. Nice product!

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