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Ultra Rugged UHF / HDTV Antenna - 470 ~ 850MHzMCM Part #: 33-6740  |  Blonder Tongue Part #: BTY-UHF-BB

Ultra Rugged UHF / HDTV Antenna - 470 ~ 850MHz 4 stars from 1 review.
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Professional Grade UHF Antenna
This BTY Series professional quality broadband antenna is designed for a variety of UHF applications. It features high gain, narrow beamwidth, and low side lobes, with square boom construction and end-sealed aluminum elements for added strength, excellent wind resistance and exceptional weathering properties. Its smaller physical size allows end mounting, and it may be shipped via UPS to reduce freight and handling costs.

Product Description

Extremely rugged construction make this unit ideal for high wind and permanent mouont applications such as on top of commercial buildings and antenna towers

  • 75 ohm coax output
  • Accommodates masts up to 2.5" dia.
  • High gain, low side lobes
  • Fully HDTV compatible
  • Channels: 14~69
  • Bandwidth: 470~860MHz
  • Gain: 10.6dBi
  • 3dB Beamwidth: 62 degrees
  • Front to back ratio: 18dB
  • Output: 75ohm, female F connector
  • Elements: 11
  • Boom length: 24"
  • Maximum element width: 13"
  • Weight: 5.4 lbs.

Product Reviews

  • "Great UHF Antenna" by Quiet Flight on 12/19/2012
    Overall: 4 out of 5

    The BTY-UHF-BB antenna is very well built for years of service. It is designed for commercial use but can fit many other needs. It has a good f/b ratio of 18db and very low side lobes. The total performance is outstanding for such a small antenna. The gain is specified as 10.2 dbi which would indicate about 8 db over reference dipole. Since there is a 75 ohm match, no lossy balun is necessary and it compares more closely to a 10 dbd antenna in very short size. It certainly performs as well as a four bow-screen antenna but with directivity. The antenna has a rather wide front inception angle of about 30 degrees to each side of prime signal for 3db down. It is not designed for high band reception but works well in strong signal areas for all high band channels. Rear and side rejection are both excellent on UHF. The mount will allow up to 2 1/2" mast but will work well on smaller masts. The gain of the antenna is not designed for extreme distance reception but does perform for stations at 85 miles for me over flat terrain. If you are looking for a UHF antenna that is very well built, has low side lobes and moderate gain then this is a great choice. I have installed some of these antennas commercially 30 years ago and they are still working well with no real signs of wear.

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