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+/-20% 100uF 25VDC Al. Electrolytic Capacitor By Cornell Dubilier (222213836101) MCM Part #138-222213836101

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Polarized electrolytic capacitors for small form-factor applications. 105 Deg C and 20% tolerance.

MCM Part # Capacitance Voltage Diameter Length
138-222213838478 4.7uF 63VDC 6.3mm 12.7mm
138-222213839109 10uF 100VDC 6.5mm 18mm
138-222213836109 10uF 25VDC 6.3mm 12.7mm
138-222213838109 10uF 63VDC 7.7mm 12.7mm
138-222213839229 22uF 100VDC 8mm 18mm
138-222213835229 22uF 16VDC 6.3mm 12.7mm
138-222213836229 22uF 25VDC 6.3mm 12.7mm
138-222213838229 22uF 63VDC 6.5mm 18mm
138-222213836339 33uF 25VDC 6.3mm 12.7mm
138-222213835479 47uF 16VDC 6.3mm 12.7mm
138-222213836479 47uF 25VDC 7.7mm 12.7mm
138-222213837479 47uF 40VDC 6.5mm 18mm
138-222213838479 47uF 63VDC 8mm 18mm
138-222213819689 68uF 100VDC 10mm 30mm
138-222213819101 100uF 100VDC 12.5m 30mm
138-222213835101 100uF 16VDC 7.7mm 12.7mm
138-222213836101 100uF 25VDC 6.5mm 18mm
138-222213837101 100uF 40VDC 8mm 18mm
138-222213833101 100uF 6.3VDC 6.3mm 12.7mm
138-222213819151 150uF 100VDC 15mm 30mm
138-222213818151 150uF 63VDC 10mm 30mm
138-222213819221 220uF 100VDC 15mm 30mm
138-222213835221 220uF 16VDC 8mm 18mm
138-222213836221 220uF 25VDC 10mm 18mm
138-222213837221 220uF 40VDC 10mm 25mm
138-222213818221 220uF 63VDC 12.5m 30mm
138-222213819331 330uF 100VDC 18mm 30mm
138-222213817331 330uF 40VDC 10mm 30mm
138-222213819471 470uF 100VDC 18mm 38mm
138-222213835471 470uF 16VDC 10mm 18mm
138-222213836471 470uF 25VDC 10mm 25mm
138-222213817471 470uF 40VDC 12.5m 30mm
138-222213818471 470uF 63VDC 15mm 30mm
138-222213818681 680uF 63VDC 18mm 30mm
138-222213815102 1000uF 16VDC 10mm 30mm
138-222213816102 1000uF 25VDC 12.5m 30mm
138-222213817102 1000uF 40VDC 15mm 30mm
138-222213833102 1000uF 6.3VDC 10mm 18mm
138-222213818102 1000uF 63VDC 18mm 38mm
138-222213815222 2200uF 16VDC 15mm 30mm
138-222213816222 2200uF 25VDC 18mm 30mm
138-222213817222 2200uF 40VDC 18mm 38mm
138-222213817332 3300uF 40VDC 21mm 38mm
138-222213815472 4700uF 16VDC 18mm 30mm
138-222213816472 4700uF 25VDC 18mm 38mm
138-222213815682 6800uF 16VDC 18mm 38mm
138-222213815103 10000uF 16VDC 31mm 38mm

Part Numbers
MCM Part #:138-222213836101
Cornell Dubilier Part #:222213836101
Package Specifications & Dimensions
Weight:0.01 lbs.
RoHS Comp:No
Warranty:90 days
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Length:3.25 in.
Width:0.5 in.
Height:0.5 in.
Shipping Information
Extra Shipping Charge:No
Drop Ship:No

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