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8200uF 50V 20% 30X35mm Alum Elec Capacitor By Cornell Dubilier (380LX822M050K032) MCM Part #31-11954

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The high value of Type 380L/LX capacitors finds application in switching power supply input and output circuits and even motor drives where the high surface area of multiple units in parallel gives excellent ripple capability.

Specifications Top

Part # Value: Rating: Size:
31-11930 47uF 450V 25 X 20MM
31-11948 68uF 400V 25 X 20MM
31-11950 68uF 450V 22 X 30MM
31-11892 100uF 400V 22 X 30MM
31-11894 100uF 450V 25 X 30MM
31-11918 220uF 200V 25 X 20MM
31-11932 470uF 200V 25 X 30MM
31-11934 470uF 250V 25 X 40MM
31-11936 470uF 400V 35 X 40MM
31-11938 470uF 450V 35 X 50MM
31-11896 1000uF 100V 22 X 30MM
31-11908 1200uF 200V 30 X 45MM
31-11914 1500uF 200V 35 X 40MM
31-11916 1800uF 200V 35 X 45MM
31-11920 2200uF 200V 35 X 50MM
31-11924 3300uF 50V 22 X 30MM
31-11940 4700uF 50V 22 X 35MM
31-11942 4700uF 50V 25 X 30MM
31-11946 5600uF 35V 22 X 30MM
31-11952 6800uF 80V 30 X 50MM
31-11954 8200uF 50V 30 X 35MM
31-11898 10000uF 25V 22 X 35MM
31-11900 10000uF 35V 35 X 25MM
31-11902 10000uF 35V 30 X 30MM
31-11904 10000uF 63V 35 X 40MM
31-11906 10000uF 80V 35 X 50MM
31-11910 12000uF 50V 30 X 45MM
31-11912 12000uF 63V 35 X 50MM
31-11922 22000uF 25V 25 X 50MM
31-11926 33000uF 25V 30 X 50MM
31-11928 33000uF 35V 35 X 50MM
31-11944 47000uF 25V 35 X 50MM
Part Numbers
MCM Part #:31-11954
Cornell Dubilier Part #:380LX822M050K032
Package Specifications & Dimensions
Weight:0.25 lbs.
RoHS Comp:No
Warranty:90 days
Need to Return?
Length:1 in.
Width:1 in.
Height:1.5 in.
Shipping Information
Extra Shipping Charge:No
Drop Ship:No

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