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Atlas LCR Meter - Passive Component Analyzer By Peak (LCR40) MCM Part #72-9914

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An innovative compact device for the automatic identification of most passive components (inductors, capacitors and resistors). Results are displayed on the clear green-mode LCD, showing the component type, measured value and test frequency. For inductors, the DC resistance is also automatically measured.

Specifications Top

  • Automatic test frequency selection: DC, 1kHz, 15kHz and 200kHz
  • Uses high purity sine waves (-60dB 3rd harmonic)
  • Nominal Accuracy inductance: ±1% ±1.6µH
  • Nominal Accuracy capacitance: ±1% ±0.3pF
  • Nominal Accuracy resistance: ±1% ±0.6ohm
  • Inductance measuring range: 1μH~10H
  • Capacitance measuring range: 0.4pF~10,000μF
  • Resistance measuring range: 1ohm~2Mohm
  • Incorporates probe compensation memory
  • Optional premium padded carry case
  • ROHS, WEEE and CE Compliant
  • Includes micro-hook probes, batteries and owners manual

Part Numbers
MCM Part #:72-9914
Peak Part #:LCR40
Package Specifications & Dimensions
Weight:0.25 lbs.
RoHS Comp:No
Warranty:90 days
Need to Return?
Length:8 in.
Width:5 in.
Height:1.25 in.
Shipping Information
Extra Shipping Charge:No
Drop Ship:No

Product Reviews Top

  • by wb0rxx

    on 7/24/2015

    Great unit for testing junk box parts

    Overall: 5 out of 5
    Top 25 Contributor

    I have collected a number of parts of unknown value over the past 40+ years. It is a hassle to test these components with a lab-quality bridge. The Atlas LCR meter makes it trivially easy to identify most passive parts in just a few seconds. It seems to match the accuracy of my lab-quality bridge quite closely, which says a lot for a device of this size.

    One interesting feature is that the clips are terminated in micro-sized banana plugs. I have never seen such small plugs before, but I assume that mating jacks are available or could easily be fabricated. This would make it easy to setup a small GO/NO-GO testing fixture for quick part testing. A nice touch for such a small device.

    My only complaint with this unit was that the display initially had a small bit of debris in the window. At first I thought the screen was scratched, but closer examination showed it to be inside the unit. I opened it up, blew out the dust, and it was back to factory perfect. A minor nit perhaps, but something that was easy to correct.

  • by zenithbuff

    on 6/5/2015


    Overall: 5 out of 5

    I just opened this product and immediately put it to use. I was impressed by its palm-held size expecting something much larger. It's compact, easy to use and provides a number of functions without the need to switch between meters and/or continually switch between ranges. I was also impressed with it's high degree of accuracy when comparing resistance ranges with a recently calibrated RCA Senior Voltohmist. Capacitance readings are "dead-on" when compared to those received on my Sencore LC76 and takes a fraction of the time to set-up. My business is primarily restoring vintage electronics; and many of the radios I restore for customers were manufactured with the smaller IF transformers prone to SMD ("silver mica disease". I rebuild the old ones, and the ATLAS will come in handy as a bridge for measuring the coils and SMD micas. OMG, an easy to understand manual is included so you DON'T have to download off the internet. My search is over for a quality and economically priced piece of bench test gear which will perform nearly every function I require in one package while taking up limited space on my bench.

  • by zzbuffer

    on 2/14/2013

    Accurate Analyzer

    Overall: 4.5 out of 5

    I'm involved in speaker building, so I custom build passive crossovers. I also like to "tinker" with troubleshooting a variety of electronic items. The problem I found with most LCR analyzers that are less than $150 is their accuracy. I often found some with a 5% accuracy or worse. That was unacceptable to me. I purchased this from MCM while they had it on sale. What a deal! This analyzer has proven to be accurate enough for my needs; and it tests inductors and capacitors with consistent accuracy. It's very user friendly, as it analyzes the components automatically, once I have it hooked up to the component. No guess work. It easily stores away in my drawer for safe keeping, and has simple to read and follow instructions. I highly recommend this product for hobbyists and techs alike who need an analyzer that has some good specs and is very portable, perfect for being used in the field as well as a bench setting. Wish I had purchased this analyzer much sooner than I did..

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