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PowerStick Mobile Battery By Distributed By MCM (P1V2)

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This is an essential item for every toolkit, technicians kit or glovebox. Quantities are limited, so act now!

The Powerstick is a portable battery that is charged from any USB source, Once it is charged the POWERSTICK will provide power to any mobile device.
Were you taught that power was only available from a wall? Relearn how to power your portable devices to become truly mobile. Replace all your current chargers with one convenient power solution.
Double your talk time on your cellphone or listen to hundreds of extra songs. The Powerstick™ allows you to do what you have to do and more of what you want to do anytime, anywhere.

With 750mA capacity, the Powerstick can charge a mobile phone or MP3 player within minutes

Specifications Top

  • Plug the Powerstick™ into a USB port to charge. The fuel gauge turns on when charging begins.
  • With the appropriate connector, plug the Powerstick™ into your device’s charger port
  • Press the start button and your device has instant power. You can even use the device while it charges.

    Check out some of these instructional videos

  • Design
  • Battery Type: Lithium Polymer
  • Output Voltage DC 5V
  • Output Current 700 mA max
  • Operating T° 0 to 40°C : 32 to 104°F
  • Storage & Transportation T° - 20 to 50°C : - 4 to 122°F
  • Charge Time (to 90% capacity) 0 to 90 minutes
  • Dimensions 23.5 x 105 x 15 mm : 0.93 x 4.1 x 0.59 ”
  • Weight 40g : 1.4 oz
  • Cycle Life 1,000+ Full Cycles
  • Charge Input Voltage 4.5 - 5.5 V
  • Charge Input Current 10 - 500 mA
  • Capacity 750 mAh
  • Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty from manufacturer
      Tip Compatibility
    • Includes 9 tips for most portable electronics
    • BLACKBERRY (#011) Supports ALL models The Powerstick charges all Blackberry models...
    • Ipod Supports ALL models The Powerstick charges all Ipod models...
    • Ipod Supports ALL models The Powerstick charges all Iphone models...
    • Mini-USB Devices (#011) Supports most models mini-USB powered devices such as Bluetooth headsets and digital cameras. Includes mini 5 pin USB connector
    • SONY ERICSSON #1 (#009) Supports most models 2500i, A2218, A2218Z, A3618, F500i, J210i, J300A, J300i, K300i, K500i, K508i, K600i, K608i, K700i, P800, P900, P910A, P910i, R3001X,R300D, R300LX, R300Z, R380, R600, S700i, S710, S710A, T100, T106, T200, T206, T226, T237, T28, T290A, T290i, T292A, T610, T616, T61C, T61D, T61LX, T61Z, T62U, T630, T637, T637, T68, T68I, TR300LX, V600i, V800,
    • SONY ERICSSON #2 (#014) Supports most models D750, J220A, K510A, K550i, K750, K750I, K790A, K850i, M600I, W200A, W300, W300I, W580i, W600, W600I, W610i, W710I, W710i, W800, W810, W810, W810I, Z250, Z250A, Z310A, Z520A, Z525, Z525A, Z530, Z550A, Z610I, Z710i, Z750A
    • NOKIA 1 (#008) Supports most models Nokia#1 1100, 1221, 1260/1260i, 1261, 2115I, 2116I, 2125I, 2160I/2170/2180, 2260, 2270/2275, 252, 2600, 2651, 282, 3100, 3200, 3205, 3285, 3300, 3320, 3361, 3390/3395, 3560, 3570, 3585, 3587I, 3589I, 3590, 3600/3650, 3620/3660, 5100, 5110/5120/5160/5, 5125/5165, 5140, 5185, 6015I/6019I, 6016I, 6020, 6100, 6110/6120/6160, 6161, 6162, 6200, 6225, 6235I, 6236I, 6255I, 6260, 6270, 6360, 6370, 6560, 6585, 6590/6590I, 6600, 6630, 6651, 8390/9310, 8801, 8860/8810, 8890/8850, 918, 9290, 9300, 9500, N-GAGE
    • NOKIA 2 (#007) Supports most models Nokia#2 2855i, 2865I, 3155I, 5200, 5300, 6085, 6101, 6102, 6102I, 6103, 6111, 6126, 6133, 6155i, 6165I, 6265I, 6275i, 6280, 6300, 7360, 7370, BH-601, BH-700, BH-800, BH-900, E61, E62, E91, HS-26W, N70, N-73, N80, N800, N90, N91, N93, N95, N82, N810, N81, N76, N75
    • MOTOROLA 1 (#012) Supports most models 120, 120E, 120T, 120X, 270C, 280, A1000, A630, A830, A835, A840, A845, A920, A925, C353T, E1000, E398, E550, E815, MPX220, MPX300, P280, ROKER E2, ROKR E1, T280I, T300P, T720, T720G, T720I, T721, T722I, T725, T730, T730C, T731C, V1000, V120C, V120E, V120T, V120X, V171, V200, V260, V262, V265, V266, V276, V300, V303, V330, V400, V400P, V500, V505, V525, V535, V60CI, V60G, V60I, V60IC, V60P, V60T, V60T COLOR, V60TW, V60V, V620, V635, V65P, V66, V66I, V70, V710, V80, V810, V980
    • Motorola 2 (#011) Supports most models A668, A780, C230, C290, E680, E680I, KRZR-K1, L2, L6, MOTOROLA Q, MPX200, PEBL U6, PEBL V6, Q, SLVR, SLVR L6, SLVR L7, SLVR V8, V190, V190, V195, V235I, V3, V3 (RAZR)
    • SAMSUNG (#013) Supports most models SGH-X475, SGH-P107, SGH-D307, T609, SGH-R225, SGH-P510, SGH-P410, SGH-P400, T309, SGH-P207, T209, SGH-N707, SGH-N635, SGH-N625, SGH-N620, SGH-N600, SGH-E850, X507, SGH-S307, SPH-A460, SGH-V205, SGH-V200, SGH-T709, SGH-T500, SGH-T100, T319, SGH-S500, SGH-E700, SGH-S300M, SPH-A900, SGH-S300, SGH-S200, SPH-N300, SGH-225M, SPH-A640, SGH-A880, SGH-D410, SGH-D357, SCH-A920, SCH-E710, SCH-T719, SCH-X100, SGH-E800, SGH-A840, SGH-D600, SGH-A970, SGH-C100, SGH-C110, SGH-C200, SGH-C207, SGH-C225, SGH-A800, IP-A790, SGH-X10
      Part Numbers
      MCM Part #:29-4440
      Distributed By MCM Part #:P1V2
      Package Specifications & Dimensions
      Weight:0.29 lbs.
      Warranty:30 days
      Need to Return?
      Length:6 in.
      Width:3.5 in.
      Height:0.5 in.
      Shipping Information
      Extra Shipping Charge:No
      Drop Ship:No
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