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Pi Lite Junior Led IO Board For Raspberry Pi By Distributed By MCM (PI-LITER) MCM Part #83-16341

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The Pi-LITEr is a fully assembled add on board for the Raspberry Pi computer. It has 8 ultra-bright white LED's on a board which plugs directly on to the 26 way GPIO header.

Specifications Top

Each of the 8 LEDs consumes a tiny amount of current; this means the Pi-LITEr can often be used alongside other I/O projects to give status indication. Lighting all 8 LEDs is even less than a single standard LED (which is 20ma nominal vs 14.4ma for the Pi-LITEr).

  • 8 Ultra bright white LED’s
  • Low current consumption
  • Simply plugs in
  • Economical
  • Fits in many case types
  • Gold plated circuit board
  • Dimensions: 34.5mm x 15mm x 11.5mm
  • Supply voltage: 3.3v
  • Current per LED lit: 1.8ma
  • Current all LED's lit: 14.4ma
  • Applications:
    • I/O status indicator
    • Bar graph
    • Light chaser
    • Activity indicator
    • Lighting effects

    Code example - run all LED's at random

    # make sure you run this under sudo python xxxxxfilename
    # writen by ciseco 2013 -
    # you may use this code in any way you wish, an acknowledgement is always good :)
    import random
    import wiringpi2 as wiringpi
    from time import sleep
    str = 0
    str2 = 0
    delay = 0.08
    loop = 1
    wiringpi.pinMode(7,1) #Setup pin 7 as out put for LED 1
    wiringpi.pinMode(0,1) #Setup pin 0 as out put for LED 2
    wiringpi.pinMode(2,1) #Setup pin 2 as out put for LED 3
    wiringpi.pinMode(1,1) #Setup pin 1 as out put for LED 4
    wiringpi.pinMode(3,1) #Setup pin 3 as out put for LED 5
    wiringpi.pinMode(4,1) #Setup pin 4 as out put for LED 6
    wiringpi.pinMode(5,1) #Setup pin 5 as out put for LED 7
    wiringpi.pinMode(6,1) #Setup pin 6 as out put for LED 8
    while (loop < 10):

    str = random.randint(0,7) str2 = random.randint(0,1) wiringpi.digitalWrite(str,str2) sleep(0.03)

    print "ENDED!"

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    MCM Part #:83-16341
    Distributed By MCM Part #:PI-LITER
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