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+/-10% 0.1uF 50VDC Tantalum Capacitor By Distributed By MCM (T356A104K050AT) MCM Part #140-T356A104K050

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"With their low ESR, high operating temperatures, low leakage, and high volumetric efficiency, tantalum capacitors are the preferred choice for high performance and reliability.

MCM Part # Capacitance Voltage Tolerance
140-T350A104K035 0.1uF 35VDC ±10%
140-T356A104K050 0.1uF 50VDC ±10%
140-T356A474K035 0.47uF 35VDC ±10%
140-T356B474K050 0.47uF 50VDC ±10%
140-T350A105K025 1uF 25VDC ±10%
140-T356A105K025 1uF 25VDC ±10%
140-T350A105K035 1uF 35VDC ±10%
140-T350A105M035 1uF 35VDC ±20%
140-T352A105K035 1uF 35VDC ±10%
140-T355A105K035 1uF 35VDC ±10%
140-T356A105K035 1uF 35VDC ±10%
140-T350B105K050 1uF 50VDC ±10%
140-T356B105K050 1uF 50VDC ±10%
140-T350B225K025 2.2uF 25VDC ±10%
140-T350C225K035 2.2uF 35VDC ±10%
140-T356C225K035 2.2uF 35VDC ±10%
140-T356E225K050 2.2uF 50VDC ±10%
140-T350E475K035 4.7uF 35VDC ±10%
140-T356E475K035 4.7uF 35VDC ±10%
140-T350F685K035 6.8uF 35VDC ±10%
140-T356F685K035 6.8uF 35VDC ±10%
140-T350C106K010 10uF 10VDC ±10%
140-T350E106K016 10uF 16VDC ±10%
140-T350E106M016 10uF 16VDC ±20%
140-T356E106K016 10uF 16VDC ±10%
140-T350E106K025 10uF 25VDC ±10%
140-T350E106M025 10uF 25VDC ±20%
140-T354E106K025 10uF 25VDC ±10%
140-T356E106K025 10uF 25VDC ±10%
140-T350G106K035 10uF 35VDC ±10%
140-T352G106K035 10uF 35VDC ±10%
140-T355G106K035 10uF 35VDC ±10%
140-T356G106J035 10uF 35VDC ±5%
140-T356G106K035 10uF 35VDC ±10%
140-T350K106K050 10uF 50VDC ±10%
140-T353K106K050 10uF 50VDC ±10%
140-T356K106K050 10uF 50VDC ±10%
140-T356E226K010 22uF 10VDC ±10%
140-T350F226K016 22uF 16VDC ±10%
140-T356F226K016 22uF 16VDC ±10%
140-T350H226K025 22uF 25VDC ±10%
140-T350K226K035 22uF 35VDC ±10%
140-T356K226K035 22uF 35VDC ±10%
140-T350J476K016 47uF 16VDC ±10%
140-T350K476K020 47uF 20VDC ±10%
140-T350K476K025 47uF 25VDC ±10%
140-T350M476K035 47uF 35VDC ±10%
140-T354M476K035 47uF 35VDC ±10%
140-T356M476K035 47uF 35VDC ±10%
140-T350J107K010 100uF 10VDC ±10%
140-T356J107K010 100uF 10VDC ±10%
140-T350L107K016 100uF 16VDC ±10%
140-T350M107K020 100uF 20VDC ±10%
140-T356M107K020 100uF 20VDC ±10%

Part Numbers
MCM Part #:140-T356A104K050
Distributed By MCM Part #:T356A104K050AT
Package Specifications & Dimensions
Weight:0.0625 lbs.
RoHS Comp:No
Warranty:90 days
Need to Return?
Length:0.25 in.
Width:0.25 in.
Height:0.25 in.
Shipping Information
Extra Shipping Charge:No
Drop Ship:No

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