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ARM Core MBS-SAM9G35 Development Board with 4.3" LCD By Embest (MBS-SAM9G35) MCM Part #28-13245

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The MBS-SAM9G35 is a single board computer based on ATMEL AT91SAM9G35 processor. The MBS-SAM9G35 is consisted of one base board (MBM-SAM-9G) and one processor card Atmel SAM9G35 SoDimm Core Board, this core board is the smallest 9X5 core on the market. It is so tiny that it can reduce much space of products.

Specifications Top

The MBS-SAM9G35 can be used to complete project development and save on time to market delays. Using industrial connectors, an engineer can realize seamless connection with the base board and greatly improve the stability of products. The MBS-SAM9G35 SBC board operates at up to 400MHz, with 256MB nandflash, 128MB DDR II, 4MB serial data flash and 64KB serial EEPROM. It supports Linux and offers Angstrom and Android 2.3.5 r1 support. The board provides a wide range of peripherals, including a high speed USB 2.0 port (480MHz), Ethernet, Audio, a JTAG debug port, Micro SD card interface, SD/MMC card interface and a CMOS camera interface

The MBS-SAM9G35 also includes a 4.3" LCD Touch Screen for testing and development.

Core Board Specifications:
  • Core board size (SoDimm Module MBC-SAM9G35): 67mm x 34mm
  • 16KB Data cache, 16KB instruction cache, memory management unit
  • 64KB internal ROM embedding bootstrap routine: boot on nandflash, SDCard, data flash
  • Programmable order
  • 32KB internal SRAM, single cycle access at system speed
  • External 128MB DDR2 SDRAM, 256MB nandflash, 4MB data flash, 64KB serial EEPROM, 128B one wire EEPROM
  • Support WinCE and Linux
  • High bandwidth multi port DDR2 controller
  • 32bit external bus interface supporting 4 bank and 8 bank DDR2/LPDDR, SDR/LPSDR, static memories
  • Shut down controller with four 32bit battery backup registers
  • Very slow clock operating mode, software programmable power optimization capabilities

Base Board Specifications:
  • Base board size (MBS-SAM9G): 181mm x 165mm
  • Clock Crystal: 12MHz crystal oscillator
  • On board power regulation
  • SDIOIMM200 card edge interface
  • Supply voltage: 5Vdc @ 2A
  • 50 GPIO user extension interface
  • RTC unit (without battery)

  • Features
    • JTAG Interface: 1
    • Camera Interface(9M10 and 9G25) : 1
    • 24 bit LCD Interface(Resistive Touch Panel): 2
    • DBGU Interface(3-wire): 1
    • UART Serial Port(1×5-wire?1×3-wire): 2
    • 10/100Mb Ethernet Interface(core board and base board each have a PHY chip): 2
    • RS485 Interface: 2
    • CAN Bus Interface:2
    • Smart DAA interface: 1
    • USB 2.0 Host Interface: 2
    • USB High-Speed USB2.0 OTG Interface: 1
    • Touch buttons(QTOUCH): 4
    • Physical buttons(reset,wakeup): 2
    • Micro SD Interface: 1
    • SD card Interface: 1
    • User LED: 3
    • Analog Output (connected to speaker by default): 2

    • Industrial
    • Automation & Process Control
    • Consumer Electronics
    • Security
    • Medical

    Package Includes
    • MBS-SAM9G35 Core Board and MBM-SAM-9G Base Board
    • 4.3" Touch LCD
    • 5V 1.25A Power Supply
    • Micro USB Cable
    • 10/100 Ethernet Cable
    • DB9 to IDC (10 Pins) Cable

    All Boards in Series
    Main Board and Core Board Core Board Only
    Atmel SAM9G15 Development Board with 4.3" LCD Atmel SAM9G15 SoDimm Core Board
    Atmel SAM9G25 Development Board Atmel SAM9G25 SoDimm Core Board
    Atmel SAM9G35 Development Board with 4.3" LCD Atmel SAM9G35 SoDimm Core Board
    Atmel SAM9X25 Development Board Atmel SAM9X25 SoDimm Core Board
    Atmel SAM9X35 Development Board with 4.3" LCD Atmel SAM9X35 SoDimm Core Board
    Part Numbers
    MCM Part #:28-13245
    Embest Part #:MBS-SAM9G35
    Package Specifications & Dimensions
    Weight:4.41 lbs.
    Warranty:90 days
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    Length:8.86 in.
    Width:6.81 in.
    Height:3.15 in.
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    Extra Shipping Charge:No
    Drop Ship:No

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