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TVS Diode 1.5kw 220v Do-201ae By Fairchild Semiconductor (1V5KE220CA) MCM Part #107-1V5KE220CA

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High quality transient-voltage-suppression diodes from Farichild available in both single and bi-directional configurations

  • Glass-Passivated Junction
  • Excellent Clamping Capability
  • 1500 W Peak Pulse Power Capability at 1.0 ms
  • Low Incremental Surge Resistance
  • Fast Response Time
  • Standard DO-201AE Case

Specifications Top

Fairchild Semiconductors
Fairchild Semiconductor's portfolio of power semiconductor, discrete semiconductor, analog signal and switch, logic, and optoelectronic products serves diversified markets and applications, including mobile, computing, communications, consumer, energy conversion, LED lighting, motor control, network communications, industrial, and automotive. Their high performance semiconductor products are optimized for power sensitive and mobile applications. All manufacturing locations across Fairchild are certified to ISO/TS16949:2002 industry standards to provide consistently reliable, robust and high quality products.

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("C" denotes bi-directional)
MCM Part # Breakdown Voltage
107-1V5KE6V8A 6.8V
107-1V5KE6V8CA 6.8V
107-1V5KE10A 10V
107-1V5KE10CA 10V
107-1V5KE11A 11V
107-1V5KE11CA 11V
107-1V5KE12A 12V
107-1V5KE12CA 12V
107-1V5KE15A 15V
107-1V5KE15CA 15V
107-1V5KE16CA 16V
107-1V5KE18A 18V
107-1V5KE18CA 18V
107-1V5KE20A 20V
107-1V5KE20CA 20V
107-1V5KE22A 22V
107-1V5KE22CA 22V
107-1V5KE24A 24V
107-1V5KE24CA 24V
107-1V5KE27A 27V
107-1V5KE27CA 27V
107-1V5KE30CA 30V
107-1V5KE33A 33V
107-1V5KE33CA 33V
107-1V5KE36A 36V
107-1V5KE36CA 36V
107-1V5KE39A 39V
107-1V5KE39CA 39V
107-1V5KE43CA 43V
107-1V5KE47A 47V
107-1V5KE47CA 47V
107-1V5KE51A 51V
107-1V5KE51CA 51V
107-1V5KE62A 62V
107-1V5KE62CA 62V
107-1V5KE68CA 68V
107-1V5KE75A 75V
107-1V5KE75CA 75V
107-1V5KE82A 82V
107-1V5KE82CA 82V
107-1V5KE91A 91V
107-1V5KE91CA 91V
107-1V5KE110A 110V
107-1V5KE110CA 110V
107-1V5KE130A 130V
107-1V5KE130CA 130V
107-1V5KE150CA 150V
107-1V5KE160A 160V
107-1V5KE200A 200V
107-1V5KE200CA 200V
107-1V5KE220A 220V
107-1V5KE220CA 220V
107-1V5KE250A 250V
107-1V5KE250CA 250V
107-1V5KE300A 300V
107-1V5KE300CA 300V
107-1V5KE350A 350V
107-1V5KE350CA 350V
107-1V5KE400A 400V
107-1V5KE400CA 400V
107-1V5KE440A 440V
107-1V5KE440CA 440V
Part Numbers
MCM Part #:107-1V5KE220CA
Fairchild Semiconductor Part #:1V5KE220CA
Package Specifications & Dimensions
Weight:0.0625 lbs.
RoHS Comp:Yes
Warranty:30 days
Need to Return?
Length:0.25 in.
Width:0.25 in.
Height:0.25 in.
Shipping Information
Extra Shipping Charge:No
Drop Ship:No

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