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Conical Tip - R0.2 x 12mm - 450°C/840°F - For FX-100 IH By Hakko (T31-01BL) MCM Part #94-1444

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This tip is used with the Hakko FX-100 Induction Heat Soldering System.

Specifications Top

  • Use with the Hakko FX1001-51 soldering iron.
  • Temperature: 840°F (450°C)
  • Conical R0.2 X 12mm

Other T31 Tips Available:


MCM Part # Hakko Part # Type Temperature
94-1440 T31-01BC1 Bevel 1mm/60° X 14.2mm 450°C/840°F
94-1442 T31-01BC28 Bevel 2.8mm/60° X 17.6mm 450°C/840°F
94-1444 T31-01BL Conical R0.2 X 12mm  450°C/840°F
94-1446 T31-01D08 Chisel 0.8 X 9mm 450°C/840°F
94-1448 T31-01D16 Chisel 1.6 X 10mm 450°C/840°F
94-1450 T31-01D24 Chisel 2.4 X 10mm 450°C/840°F
94-1452 T31-01D52 Chisel 5.2 X 7.8mm 450°C/840°F
94-1454 T31-01I Conical R0.2 X 8.4mm 450°C/840°F
94-1456 T31-01IL Conical R0.2 X 14.7mm 450°C/840°F
94-1458 T31-01J02 30° Bent R0.2 X 4 X 11mm 450°C/840°F
94-1460 T31-01JL02 30° Bent R0.2 X 7.2 X 8mm 450°C/840°F
94-1462 T31-01JS02 30° Bent R0.2 X 1.8 X 6.6mm 450°C/840°F
94-1464 T31-01KU Knife 4.8mm/45° X 15mm 450°C/840°F
94-1466 T31-01SBL Conical R0.2 X 13.7mm  450°C/840°F
94-1468 T31-01WD08 Chisel 0.8 X 6mm 450°C/840°F
94-1470 T31-02BC1 Bevel 1mm/60° X 14.2mm 400°C/750°F
94-1472 T31-02BC28 Bevel 2.8mm/60° X 17.6mm 400°C/750°F
94-1474 T31-02BL Conical R0.2 X 12mm  400°C/750°F
94-1476 T31-02D08 Chisel 0.8 X 9mm 400°C/750°F
94-1478 T31-02D16 Chisel 1.6 X 10mm 400°C/750°F
94-1480 T31-02D24 Chisel 2.4 X 10mm 400°C/750°F
94-1482 T31-02D52 Chisel 5.2 X 7.8mm 400°C/750°F
94-1484 T31-02I Conical R0.2 X 8.4mm  400°C/750°F
94-1486 T31-02IL Conical R0.2 X 14.7mm  400°C/750°F
94-1488 T31-02J02 30° Bent R0.2 X 4 X 11mm 400°C/750°F
94-1490 T31-02JL02 30° Bent R0.2 X 7.2 X 8mm 400°C/750°F
94-1492 T31-02JS02 30° Bent R0.2 X 1.8 X 6.6mm 400°C/750°F
94-1494 T31-02KU Knife 4.8mm/45° X 15mm 400°C/750°F
94-1496 T31-02SBL Conical R0.2 X 13.7mm  400°C/750°F
94-1498 T31-02WD08 Chisel 0.8 X 6mm 400°C/750°F


Part Numbers
MCM Part #:94-1444
Hakko Part #:T31-01BL
Package Specifications & Dimensions
Weight:0.1 lbs.
Warranty:90 days
Need to Return?
Length:3 in.
Width:2 in.
Height:0.25 in.
Shipping Information
Extra Shipping Charge:No
Drop Ship:No

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