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8" Woofer with Poly Cone and Rubber Surround 70W RMS at 8ohm By MCM Audio Select (55-2971) MCM Part #55-2971

4.5 stars 19 reviews
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8" Polypropylene Cone Woofer

Low cost general replacement woofer is ideal in a two way cabinets or as a compact subwoofer. It is perfect for a wide variety of home or autosound applications and is ideal for either ported or sealed enclosures.

  • Also available in 4Ohm Version
  • Specifications Top

      General Specifications
      • Nominal Diameter: 8 inch
      • Rated Impedance: 8 ohms
      • Operating Bandwidth: 50Hz ~ 6KHz
      • Power Handling Capacity: 70W RMS
      • Sensitivity (1W/M): 89 dB
      • Voice Coil Diameter: 1 inch
      • Overall frame diameter: 8.00

      Thiele-Small Parameters
      • Resonance Frequency Fs: 28.8 Hz
      • DC Resistance Re: 7.2 ohm
      • Mechanical Q Factor Qms: 3.4
      • Electrical Q Factor Qes: 0.5226
      • Total Q Factor Qts: 0.4529
      • Equivalent Cas air load Vas: 98.26 liters
      • Coil Inductance Le: .5645 mH
      • Efficiency Bandwidth Product EBP 55.1
      • Voice Coil Over Hang X-max 3.5mm

      Physical Information
      • Cutout: 7.17"
      • Mounting Depth: 2.99"
      • Basket: Stamped Steel
      • Magnet Type: 20 OZ
      • Cone Material: Polypropylene
      • Surround: Rubber
      • Dust Cap: Polypropylene
      • Damper: Cloth

      Part Numbers
      MCM Part #:55-2971
      MCM Audio Select Part #:55-2971
      Package Specifications & Dimensions
      Weight:2.9 lbs.
      RoHS Comp:Yes
      Warranty:365 days
      Need to Return?
      Length:8.5 in.
      Width:8.5 in.
      Height:4 in.
      Shipping Information
      Extra Shipping Charge:No
      Drop Ship:No
      Catalog Pages
      MCM Cat 57, Page 162
      MCM Cat 56, Page 288
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    Product Reviews Top

    • by

      on 7/22/2014

      8 inch Woofer 55-1971

      Overall: 4.5 out of 5

      I had SS-250 two-way unducted Sony speakers, the woofer of one was blown with coil burned out (very fine wire), and not reparable. These speakers, from the seventies, were too low in power by current standards, and hence subject to further failure by accident if replaced as manufactured. The handmade wooden cabs were very sturdy, attractive, not vinyl clad, hard to make yourself, and I didn't want to throw them out. One slight problem was that 6-1/2" sized woofers were a rarity at higher power. These woofers seemed to be perfect, except I had to cutout baffle to fit the 8", which, luckily fit the cabs. They offer a max of 140 Watts, impossible to blow with standard equipment, and they, with larger diameter, sound much stronger for bass than the frail originals, which operating at only 20 watts, were limited. So far I have noticed very little crossover problem, and these serve as bass and very good mid-range with no flat spots that I can notice. I also updated to 18 gauge wire soldered within for durability free of oxidation. The original wire was 20 feet of very fine wire with phono pins terminating. Recommend these for an inexpensive satisfactory replacement.

    • by soldier77

      on 2/13/2014

      great speaker

      Overall: 3 out of 5

      I got a pair a month ago and after they broke in they make pretty efficient bass . I replaced the woofer in EPI 100 with these. Great results. Also put mcm twoway crossover and mcm softdome tweeter in them and they sound great . MCM did it again for me. My buddy who is a a udiophile cant believe the sound for what i paid.

    • by randall klingerman

      on 2/11/2014

      No low bass

      Overall: 3 out of 5

      The material and workmanship of this speaker is excellent. DO NOT install this speaker in a small enclosure

    • by MIAgeek

      on 1/6/2014

      The Thiele-Small parameters are wrong

      Overall: 3.5 out of 5

      I bought these because the Thiele-Small parameters looked really good compared to the 55-1190 drivers and at half the price. The 55-1190 parameters measured close to MCM’s measurements but for these drivers, they are way off. Vas is 13.6 L; Fs is 61 Hz; Qt is 1.13. Comparing the rubber surrounds of each driver, these seemed to have a much thicker surround making it more massive and stiffer. This explains much of the difference between these two drivers. Maybe a change was made to the rubber surround after the measurements were made. If you built a 2 cubic foot cabinet using the given parameters and the right design formulas, you would tune the box to 34.3 Hz and the response would be down 3dB at 29 Hz with a peak in the bass of 4.5 dB at 77 Hz. If you used the corrected parameters, the box frequency would be just 3 Hz higher or 37 Hz. Down 3db at 30 Hz with a peak of 4.9 dB at 75 Hz. So, the good news is that despite the big difference in specs, the end result is close. Tuning to 37 Hz gives a better overall response. I built them pairing them with 53-805 - 3" x 7" Piezo Horn Tweeter. I put a 100 ohm resistor across the tweeter and a 51 ohm and 0.68 uFd in series to attenuate the tweeter 3.5 dB. The cap value is not critical, it just keeps all the low frequencies from heating up the resistors. Hey, they sound darn good for 20 bucks for drivers for a pair. They will not impress an audiophile but most of your friends would think they bump. Turn the bass down a few dB. If these are put into a 2 cu ft sealed box, the results expected from the published parameters would be tight, well damped lows. You would not get that at all. A 0.5 cu ft box is too small for deep, clean bass but it would be close to what you would expect. I give them 2 stars because the specs are wrong and they can’t be used in a sealed box. Here is a nice link---

    • by mcsonline8675309

      on 7/11/2013

      Ordered a set of these to bring back some ported bookshelf speakers

      Overall: 5 out of 5

      End result far exceeded expectations. Replaced some woofers in pair of bookshelf speakers and no one believes me when I tell them MCM got me these to my door for under a 20. You cannot go wrong.

    • by mrtimelord

      on 1/11/2013

      Great designs

      Overall: 5 out of 5

      This is a well made fantastic product and from my 30 years as a builder,designer and retailer most other compararable sized drivers that claim to be better are over rated. Most other materials for cones also come with particular drawbacks, usualy peaks from ringing cones. This looks likely for all sizes of this design it,s an exact copy of the one I designed and was having Rockford/Fosgate manufacture for me in the early 90's Doesn't really get any better unless you have specific different needs

    • by showhorse

      on 12/24/2012

      Quality 8" replacement speaker

      Overall: 5 out of 5

      quality speaker at a reasonable price. Great performance, sounded even better than the speaker OEM speaker/

    • by atltech2000

      on 8/31/2012

      55-2971 - 8" Woofer with Poly Cone and Rubber Surround

      Overall: 5 out of 5

      Great inexpensive woofer for general replacement.I will buy them again!

    • by dwayne.newton1

      on 8/22/2012

      More than I bargained for

      Overall: 5 out of 5
      Top 25 Contributor

      I had to double-check the product details on the website because I got a couple of these and the specs don't match up. The box they came in and the sticker on the back both indicate a maximum power handling of 200 watts. Not that I'm complaining. They are very well behaved in a .50 cubic foot sealed box, although a larger box may offer more substantial bass response. If you want lots of thump and boom this isn't what you want, but if you like tight, snappy bass that gets reasonably low this does quite well. I think this could also serve as a decent midwoofer in a 4-way system or as a midrange driver in a large 3-way setup.

    • by rocketman9909

      on 8/13/2012

      These are great

      Overall: 5 out of 5

      I custom built a sealed bass cabinet for 4 of these based on the specs provided by MCM so when these arrived I just popped them in and cranked it up, these are great value, of course better speakers exist but not for this price and not with this bang for your buck, for anything from filling that 8 inch hole in your cabinet to mid level 8 inch woofer this is great.

    • by nonsuchpro

      on 8/12/2012

      Boston Acoustics A60 replacements!

      Overall: 5 out of 5

      These worked out great for a set of Boston Acoustic A60 bookshelf speakers. Did not need to change the crossover. Can't go wrong at this price.

    • by sansui

      on 6/2/2012


      Overall: 4.5 out of 5

      Suprised and pleased, not an expert but this woofer looks great and sounds plenty nice, sealed 2 way cab with MCM's crossovr board 60-10565, old school amp helps of course - Sansui R50 ,, great buy !!!

    • by D.J.RSB666

      on 5/9/2012


      Overall: 4.5 out of 5

      excellent quality for money i got 4 to build 2 new tower speakers

    • by y2k42y2k

      on 2/14/2012

      double charge

      Overall: 3 out of 5

      woofer was good but mcm double charge me for shipping

    • by HANDJACK

      on 1/10/2012


      Overall: 4 out of 5


    • by vacantmind

      on 12/16/2011

      woofer replacement

      Overall: 4.5 out of 5

      I got these to replace a home made speaker box, the old woofers dry rotted, good replacment for the money. Not as low in the freq responce as the old ones, but sound pretty good. will use to replace other speakers in future.

    • by rbmango

      on 11/16/2011

      Does the job well

      Overall: 4.5 out of 5

      Nice low cost replacement speaker for some old TOAs that did not need top of the line. Maybe better sounding than original. Very pleased to have the speakers work with minimal cost.

    • by eightinchwoofer

      on 8/4/2011

      a great deal

      Overall: 4.5 out of 5

      Bought 2 of these for use in a low cost speaker system for the basement. Purchased because price was so low. I wasn't expecting much other than to fill an eight inch hole. Wow, was I ever surprised. They sound fantastic. Driving them with a vintage 46 watt Marantz receiver. Couldn't be happier. And MCM's shipping was like instantaneous. I'll be back for more!

    • by mad2459

      on 4/2/2011


      Overall: 4.5 out of 5

      What a great buy used them to replace a twenty year old set of drivers that dry rotted. Their in bass reflex cabinet using 100 amp sony surrond reciever. Great performers can't say enough. Poly cone, rubber surrond, vented voice coil. Was worried about voice coil size and magnet. but there is no complaints here.

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