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12'' Die Cast Professional Woofer - 350W RMSMCM Part #: 55-2982  |  MCM Audio Select Part #: 55-2982

12'' Die Cast Professional Woofer - 350W RMS 4.8 stars from 12 reviews.
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12" Paper Cone Woofer
Low cost general replacement woofer is ideal in a two way cabinets or as a subwoofer. It is perfect for prosound applications and is ideal in ported or sealed enclosures.

Also available in 4Ohm Version

Product Description

    General Specifications:
    • Nominal Diameter: 12 inch
    • Rated Impedance: 8 ohms
    • Operating Bandwidth: 30Hz ~ 3.2KHz
    • Power Handling Capacity: 350W RMS
    • Sensitivity (1W/M): 96 dB
    • Voice Coil Diameter: 2.2 inch
    • Overall frame diameter: 12.28"

    Thiele-Small Parameters:
    • Resonance Frequency Fs: 36.23 Hz
    • DC Resistance Re: 6.3 ohm
    • Mechanical Q Factor Qms: 2.823
    • Electrical Q Factor Qes: 0.476
    • Total Q Factor Qts: 0.407
    • Equivalent Cas air load Vas: 121.67 liters
    • Efficiency Bandwidth Product EBP 89.017
    • Voice Coil Over Hang X-max 7 mm

    Physical Information:
    • Cutout: 11.10"
    • Mounting Depth: 5.51"
    • Basket: Cast Aluminium
    • Magnet Type: 67 OZ
    • Cone Material: Non-Pressed Paper
    • Surround: Cloth
    • Dust Cap: Paper
    • Damper: Cloth

Product Reviews

  • "55-2982 - 12'' Woofer" by on 6/13/2014
    Overall: 5 out of 5

    I bought two of these for bass, to use in two Sony SS-U6033 cabinets for a 7.1 surround sound home theater system. When I received these woofers they came double boxed and had a number of great features. The back plate is bumped and vented and connections are made by a pair of what look to be nickel plated push button posts. The cone is a sturdy curvilinear type with a very solid dust cap but they had a slightly larger than expected outside diameter. I had to enlarge the opening to install these in the cabinets. A router and the factory packing made the change easy. I couldn’t be happier for the money. At $150.00 less than the Sony replacements (that’s each), they have a great tone and easily handle the 1000 W system (250 W power across their bandwidth). Shipping was fast and reasonably priced (I only needed the two speakers or it would have been free). Thank you MCM for offering such a great option at this affordable price. Thanks MCM for including tons of specs on each Speaker and for being a Class Act Company, I can’t wait for my next project.

  • "Great woofer for a great price" by speakerdude1 on 5/1/2014
    Overall: 5 out of 5

    I purchased two of these 55-2982 woofers as to replace two blown woofers in a pair of low end MTX DJ speakers. I am very satisfied with the performance of the new woofers! I was pleasantly surprised to see that the tinsel leads are woven in to the spider, which is typically only seen in significantly more expensive woofers. Overall I am very satisfied with my purchase. High quality for a low price.

  • "Awesome woofer!" by ohmega1080 on 4/21/2014
    Overall: 5 out of 5

    This woofer has qualities of that of a much more expensive woofer. I have 2 and are using them in my ohm "I" series which is a 4 way system. They are hooked up to a 50watt per channel yamaha stereo reciver that handles my subwoofer frequencys preamped from my 5 channel home theater reciver @ 90hz-25hz. These woofers work great as subwoofers and i highly recommend them. They shake my hole house!

  • "Stage Tech Manager" by r390doc on 1/27/2014
    Overall: 5 out of 5

    I am using 8 of these speakers as replacement back stage monitors.
    They perform as good or better than origional equipment.

  • "Published specs way off" by longdrive03 on 1/26/2013
    Overall: 3 out of 5

    I ordered a pair for a Klipsch Heresy clone project. Tested them on WT2 upon arrival. Vas 122 lit, qt .64, Fs 44, spl 90db versus vas 66, qt .4, Fs 35, spl 96 published specs. Way off specs and couldn't use for my project. MCM allowed me to return for full refund. Beware of the published specs which are not even close.

  • "Absolutely great speakers." by sdallman on 12/20/2012
    Overall: 5 out of 5

    I bought two of these for bass, intending to use them in EV TL cabinets which are quite compact. I instead installed them in two old Peavey PA ported 12" cabinets that also had a piezo tweeter. My goodness...the bass of these things. They don't have much in the upper mids and highs, so I decided to install 6 1/2" sealed Pyle midranges. I crossed the mids over at 800Hz. There was more energy in the MCM 12's above 800Hz, so I put 800Hz lowpasses on them. The sub lows were still overwhelming, so I sealed the ports. Next gig, I stacked them on end, with my Ampeg on top (PF-500) and I love these things. A couple of these in small TL cabinets would make great PA subs. I don't think there is enough happening in the highs for use as full range drivers, but we'll see when they get broken in well.

  • "Best value for the money" by charashe on 8/29/2012
    Overall: 5 out of 5

    I purchased a pair of these to replace a pair of woofers in my crate pe 12 speakers that I own. I previously replaced the horns with selenium dh200e-e compression drivers and the original woofers did not keep up as well as I had hoped. Upon their removal I found the originals to be a 12" stamped frame straight pressed cone with an approx 1 & 3/4" vc and barely a 40oz magnet with no venting. When I received these woofers they came double boxed and had a great number of great build features. The frame was a cast variety modeled similarly to the old ev force speakers with a large 2 & 1/2" voice coil and a nice beefy magnet at 67 oz sandwhiched between 2 cast iron top and bottom plates. There is a polycotton gray spider around 7" with flat tinsel leads woven or laminated on top capable of handling an unbelieveable amount of power. The back plate is bumped and vented and connections are made by a pair of what look to be nickel plated push button posts. The cone is a sturdy curvelinear type with a very solid dustcap and a smaller than expected accordian treated surround. I have installed these in the exsting vented cabinets and could not be happier for the money. They have a great tone and should easily handle their rated power of 350 watts accross their bandwidth. Be cognizant that these are rated only to around 3.2khz so they do not have the upper reach that some of the other guitar speakes have. With this in mind, I love the way they sound and they are the absolutebest deal anywhere for the money. Efficiency seems to be right on at around 96db average with a great sound in the 80 to 500 hz range. Thank you MCM for offering such a great option at this affordable price.

  • "Using as replacement in titan 39 subwoofer" by Neil Trahan on 8/22/2012
    Overall: 5 out of 5

    Using as replacement in titan 39 subwoofer ,working great in this cab sounds good

  • "Basic Bass Speaker" by rlovejoy on 6/10/2012
    Overall: 5 out of 5

    I have bought 4 of these speakers, I use two in a bi amped bass guitar cabinet, for everything below 100Hz, and they rock the house, especially for the dropped tunings used in the newer rock. I am going to use the other 2 as sub woofers for a small P.A. system for small venues, to monitor electronic drums on stage, I am sure they will be up to the challange. overall they hit really hard and they have a very tight sound, not sloppy or loose sounding at all. They give you a very good chest thump. I would allow about 2 cubic feet of internal cabinet volume for each speaker.

  • "12 inch woofers" by milanster1 on 5/21/2012
    Overall: 5 out of 5

    wow great punch cant wait to get more for my next project

  • "These 12's think they're 15's!" by tmacpcandaudio on 12/14/2011
    Overall: 5 out of 5
    Top 25 Contributor

    I knew the moment I opened the box that this was a quality product. with two of these 12's in a ~4 cubic foot ported bass guitar cabinet with an 8" midrange, these woofers outperform pretty much anything I've ever heard. They absolutely love to be abused, and soak up power like nothing I've ever played through, with two of them gladly taking everything my 1000w Carvin power amp, bridged, could throw at them. Xmax is great, I couldn't make them bottom out no matter how hard I pushed them. Bass extension is exemplary, reaching across the full 5-string range, and the tone is smooth and thick, blending perfectly with the 8" mid. I really couldn't ask for more, I am completely and wholly satisfied with them. MCM, please, never stop selling this range of die-cast woofers, because I am hooked!

  • "Awesome MCM 12 Inch!" by 7Skeezicks3 on 10/20/2011
    Overall: 5 out of 5

    I just rebuilt an inexpensive 12 year old set of 3-Way Technics brand Speakers and this 12" MCM 55-2982 was the Woofer. Modified the Crossover and used L-Pads to attenuate the Tweeters, and 16 gauge Silver Plated Wire and 12 gauge finely stranded Copper inside. Still fine tuning the Vent Port, but this Woofer is a HUGE improvement. It is very well made and cranks out some incredible Bass. This Woofer is an excellent value for the money! I now have to rebuild 2 sets of KLH and JBL Speakers with 15" Woofers. These 12" Woofers crank out Bass that projects better, goes lower and is smoother. Forget JBL and KLH Woofers, these MCM Woofers rock. And I appreciate MCM for including tons of specs on each Speaker, so one can compare. Class Act Company and Speaker. Many thanks!

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Package Specifications & Dimensions
Weight:13.35 lbs.
RoHS Comp:Yes
Warranty:365 days
Need to Return?
Length:13.25 in.
Width:13.25 in.
Height:7.5 in.
Shipping Information
Extra Shipping Charge:No
Drop Ship:No
Catalog Pages

MCM Cat 57, Page 157

MCM Cat 56, Page 281

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Mfr. Info

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Mfr. Name:MCM Audio Select
Mfr. Part Number:55-2982