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Acoustilyzer Compact Acoustical and Audio Analyzer By NTI (AL1) MCM Part #72-8625

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The Acoustilyzer is a handheld audio test instrument with a wide range of acoustical measurement functions, such as testing and monitoring of sound pressure level at concerts, room acoustics and speech intelligibility STI-PA.

The practical blend of electrical and acoustical functions, combined with computer connectivity through the standard USB interface, positions AL1 to be an indispensable tool for every sound/system contractor, installer and multi-media specialist.

Specifications Top

Sound Level Meter

In addition to the familiar instantaneous and integrated sound pressure level (SPL) measurements, the repeatable LEQ and LCpeak measurements complete the event monitoring requirements. The AL1 visualizes the actual audio spectrum (RTA) without interrupting ongoing sound level measurements. All measurement results may be logged to the internal memory for further investigations.

RTA, Real Time Analyzer

The enhanced real time spectrum analyzer (RTA) features high speed measurements with selectable 1/1 and 1/3 octave bandwidth. The RTA simultaneously provides real time single band SPL and LEQ measurements complying with the IEC 60804. Stored spectra may be averaged or combined by using the available mathematical functions. The “Max-Min” display is particularly helpful for finding dominant room modes and characterization of listening areas.

Zoom FFT

Extremely fast, real-time Zoom FFT with resolutions up to 0.7Hz over the entire frequency range. The ideal tool for visualization of comb filters and narrow band effects. Features detailed cursor readout and data storage.

RT60, Reverberation Time

Reverberation time is measured in accordance with ISO3382 in octave audio bands (8 bands from 63Hz to 8kHz), including smart trigger- and ranging features. RT60 with 1/3 octave resolution supported by post processing. The test result reliability is displayed with confidence indicators. Suitable gated pink noise sequences are included in the Minirator MR-PRO and on the supplied Test-CD.

Delay Time

The propagation delay time measurement for speaker setups is conducted between the electrical input of the AL1 and the built-in microphone. Automatic difference calculation simplifies the verification of correct delay arrangements for larger halls and auditorium. A designated chirp is provided by the Minirator MR-PRO or the supplied Test-CD.

Electrical Measurement Functions

Besides the polarity verification for speakers and systems the AL1 includes basic electrical functions like Level RMS and distortion (THD+N) measurement. Unique smart features, like the "Balance indicator" (immediately showing balanced / unbalanced problems of the connected signals), supports fast debugging of audio systems.


Sound Pressure Level Leq, short-time Leq , Lmin, Lmax acc. IEC 61672, DIN15905-5, SLV 2007
Timer for single and repeated measurements
Dynamic range (using MiniSPL): 30 - 130 dBSPLA
Filters: Flat, A- and C-weighted, X-Curve-1, RLB
Logging of SPL/LEQ results into AL1 memory
Wideband- and RTA values simultaneously available
Real Time Analyzer 1/3 or full octave band resolution, class 0 filters
SPL, LEQ and Max-Min display per band
Fast logging of results to the PC
Zoom FFT Real-time Zoom FFT with 50% overlapping, 93 Bins
Frequency Range: 10 Hz - 20 kHz
Resolution: 187.5 Hz to 0.73 Hz
Reverberatinon Time 1/1 Octave band resolution, based on T20 results, according to ISO3382
1/3 Octave band resolution with post processing
Automatic averaging with individual result readout and storage
Source signal: Gated pink noise (from Test-CD or Minirator)
Polarity Test Positive / Negative detection through internal microphone or XLR/RCA connector.
Checks polarity of tweeters, midrange-speakers, woofers, sub-woofers and cables.
Down to 10 dB S/N ratio of input signal.
Testsignal: NTi Audio Polarity Signal (AL1 Test CD oder Minirator)
Delay Time Propagation delay between electrical and acoustical signal input using built-in mic. Resolution < 0.1 ms, max time: 1 s
Dedicated test signal: NTi Audio chirp (from Test-CD or Minirator)
STIPA (Option) Single value STI and CIS test result. Modulation indices and individual band level results accessible. Error indicator.
According to IEC 60268-16, 2003 release
TNO verified algorithm
Post processing with recorded spectra supported
Electrical Level RMS, THD+N, Frequency, Polarity
Filters: Flat, A- and C-weighted, HP400, HP19k
Level Units: dBu, dBV, VRMS
Accuracy: ± 0.5 % @ 1 kHz
Flatness: ± 0.1 dB
Bandwidth: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Resolution: 3 digits (dB-scale) or 4 digits (V-scale)
Frequency Range: 10 Hz to 20 kHz
Resolution: 4 digits
Accuracy: < ± 0.1 %
THD+N Meas. Bandwidth:10 Hz to 20 kHz
Resolution: 4 digits
Residual THD+N: balanced < -85 dB @ -10 dBu to +20 dBu, unbalanced < -74 dB @ 0 dBu to +14 dBu
Memory, datalogging Interneral device memory for up to 580 records
USB interface to MiniLINK PC software
Online data logging from Acoustilyzer directly to PC
Input Connectors XLR balanced, RCA unbalanced
Impedance 40 kOhm balanced, 20 kOhm unbalanced
Max. AC Input balanced +20 dBu (7.75 VRMS),
unbalanced +14 dBu (3.8 VRMS)
for input levels > 20 dBu (balanced) the accessory "Adapter -20 dB" is available
Max. DC Input ± 50 VDC
Residual Noise < 12 µV, XLR-input shorted
Internal Microphone Omni directional (for polarity and delay measurement only)
Monitor Output Jack 3.5 mm (1/8“), suitable for all common headsets
Display Graphic LCD 64 x 100 pixel, with backlight
Batteries 3x AA batteries (alkaline), typical battery life >16 hours
Dimensions 163 x 86 x 42 mm (6.4“ x 3.38“ x 1.63“)
Weight 300 g (10.5 oz) incl. batteries
Temperature 0° to +45° C (32° to 113° F)
Humidity 90 % R.H., non condensing
Part Numbers
MCM Part #:72-8625
NTI Part #:AL1
Package Specifications & Dimensions
Weight:1.64 lbs.
RoHS Comp:No
Warranty:365 days
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Length:9.5 in.
Width:7 in.
Height:3.5 in.
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Drop Ship:No

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