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12'' Pyramid Pro Audio Woofer By Pyramid (WH12) MCM Part #55-2520

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Specifications Top

These high-efficiency, high power capacity drivers are perfect as replacements in stage speakers, guitar amps, and monitors. Paper cones, treated accordion cloth surrounds and heavy duty stamped baskets combine to provide characteristics very similar to most OEM drivers.

  • Ribbed paper cone for added strength
  • Aluminum voice coil on Kapton former
  • 8ohm impedance
    Model # Size Frequency Response Power Capacity RMS Peak Magnet Weight
    WH12 12" 58Hz~5KHz 250W 500W 25 oz.
    Part Numbers
    MCM Part #:55-2520
    Pyramid Part #:WH12
    Package Specifications & Dimensions
    Weight:5.5625 lbs.
    Warranty:365 days
    Need to Return?
    Length:13.25 in.
    Width:12.75 in.
    Height:5.75 in.
    Shipping Information
    Extra Shipping Charge:No
    Drop Ship:No
  • Product Reviews Top

    • by Fishwithadeagle

      on 6/25/2015

      It Works...

      Overall: 3 out of 5

      As I have reviewed this item, there seems to be a lot of confusion about the ratings and whether or not this is a woofer or a subwoofer, frequency ranges, etc. To clarify, the box specifies that this speaker is responsive from the ranges of 38-5000 hertz. I would say that this is accurate, but with the specs being given by MCM being a little more accurate. The woofer tends to actually create a good, loud tone around the 50 hertz range and seems to be in its sweet spot by the 60 hertz range. This continues until around 400 or so-ish hertz where the volumes drops again as it moves out of its sweet spot. It seems to do this every 400 hertz or so until around 2000 hertz. I have no idea why, but it seems to follow this pattern. It remains loud until around 6000 hertz, then slowly drops off.

      Moving on, I would say that this really shouldn't be used as a standalone full range speaker (even though the specification would seem to indicate that it hits more of the full range spot than other woofer/subwoofers that are responsive in the 2500 hertz range. This tends to show with music if you only use this as the speaker, all the highs sound muted a touch, and the volume seems to be diminished (the box claims around a 94db sensitivity, but other reviewers have stated that it is around an 89 db sensitivity, but I am unsure.) For reference these *subjective* ratings are being done on a technics receiver that has 100 watts a channel (clean, tested). During bass heavy music with these being used as a pa speaker, it is very hard for the speakers to play the mids and lows at the same time. As such, I would recommend that people use these with a crossover of some kind that moves to some higher frequency speaker in around the 3000 hertz range (For reference they sound quite good as a replacement driver for my c53 jbl speakers that bit that dust when a receiver of mine shorted). Unfortunately, they seem to lack the volume as other speakers that I have (some fisher ones and the original c53 jbl). Either way, they work as a speaker replacement, and if you use them in a set, you probably won't be able to tell the difference from this and a more expensive speaker, as long as everything is being used with crossovers.

      As a final note, I am glad that even while these are muted, they seem to sound decent and not have a high pitch overtone that I have found many lower end car speakers to have (as pyramid audio is a car speaker manufacturer).

      The build quality of the speaker is decent. It is only using a stamped build, so it is going to have more flex than one that is cast. The contacts while they may appear to be spring loaded in the pictures, are nothing more than simple loops that many car speakers have (this can be a problem depending on the gauge of wire that you are using because it can temporarily not contact the speaker and create a pop). I wish that there was more x movement on the speaker as this tends to affect bass the most, and the surround seems to be very stiff (its not blown since it still displays the full range of sound). The added dampeners around the outside are a nice touch that many speakers I have seen do not come with. This is where the wattage rating comes in. There seems to be many variances on what these speakers can take. I think that the 175 that MCM rates them for would be a little overzealous, but still not totally out of the range. The 250 watts RMS that pyramid rates them for would seemingly be totally out of the range for these speakers because I feel like it would blow (it seems to be nearing the x movement maximum at 100 watts rms, so I feel like putting 250 watts through these things would not be good for the speaker and would nearly instantly force the speaker to clip, and then blow).

      Lastly, the size measurements seems to be wrong. I was looking for a 12 inch speaker with mounting holes that are 13.25 inches apart in diameter. This seems to be mounting at around 12 inches flat, which means that I have to use wire ties to keep this speaker mounted in the c53 case. Not entirely the best thing when a company doesn't even label the mounting properly. Finally, something that the pictures don't show is a vent on the backside of the speaker. This should be good for cooling the speaker (and that combined with the gauge of wire running to the cone gives me a little reassurance that I can push these speakers to a higher wattage than my other speakers that are rated at a flat 100 watts).

      TLDR: These woofers do act as woofers, but with a caveat that they aren't as full range or as loud as the manufacturer or MCM would like to claim. There probably isn't much that you can expect from a woofer that is 20 dollars, but these will works. I may recommend that you try and look into the MCM brand of speakers first (even though they don't have the same build quality as these, nor the supposed frequency response) as they may fit your needs for a woofer a little better.

      Hopefully this helped someone, as there doesn't seem to be many reviews for this woofer/subwoofer out there on the market. And just so everyone knows, this and the other wh12 speakers on the market are the same. It doesn't matter the wattage and woofer/subwoofer rating, they will all be the same speakers. There just seems to be some kind of mixup on the interwebs about what it is classified as.

    • by racerx_2020

      on 2/15/2014

      love mcm

      Overall: 5 out of 5

      good woofer .used to replace ome ones .

    • by w0ttm0

      on 6/22/2009

      Guitar amp speaker

      Overall: 4.5 out of 5

      This one is a sleeper. I built two amps with these. They sound great, but I did fry one. The amp was solid state, 50 watt cont, about 80 peak. I have a pair in a 60 watt tube amp.Very good sound...........Rob George