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Compaq, HP, PremiumPower Replacement AC Adapter By Stellar Labs Power (AC0654817E) MCM Part #29-5825

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MCM Electronics has partnered with one of the industry’s top suppliers of rechargeable batteries and Ac adapters for laptops, digital camera’s, cell phones, powertools, etc. The brand, Premium Power Products, is known throughout the industry for its quality, dependability and affordable price.

Specifications Top


Amps: 3.5A
Color: Black
Inner Dia: 1.7 mm
Outer Dia: 4.8 mm
Pin Count: 3-Prong
Product Weight: 1 lb
Volts: 18.5V
Watts: 65 Watts

Compaq, HP, PremiumPower Replacement Laptop AC Adapter fits Models: HP Tablet tc4200, tc1100; HP NoteBook nc8000 P-M 1.6G 15.0, 6520s T5470 14.1 512/120, 530 T5200 15.4 1024/160 NB, G5000, G7031EO, Special Edition L2000, 625, 530 C-M 520 15.4 512/120 NB, nx6120IDS FF GM Base Unit, G7020EV, 520 C-M 440 14.1 512/80 NB, nc4010, G7001TU, G7065EB, 420 Cel 900 14 2GB/160 GRY, 6520s T7250 14.1 2048/160, G5055EA, G7050EB, Special Edition L2105NR, 6520s T5470 14.1 1024/80, 530 T2400 15.4 1024/160 NB, G3000EA, G7030ER, 620 T6570 15.6 3GB/320 GRY, 520 T2600 14.1 1024/160 NB, nx6110 C-380 15.0 512/60, G7018EP, G7093EM, 510, nx6110 Base Unit, G6092EA, G7063ER, 6520s T7250 14.1 1024/120, G5050EA, G7040EG, Special Edition L2098XX, 6520s T5270 14.1 512/120, 530 RCTO Base 940 GML WLAN BRZL, nx7000, G7030EJ, 620 T6570 15.6 2GB/160 GRY, 520 T2400 14.1 1024/120 NB, G7010EW, G7091EA, 420 T6670 14.0 2GB/320 GRY, 6520s VHB32 C530 54375, G6065EA, G7061ER, 6520s T5870 14.1 1024/120, 540 Base Model, G5009EA, G7035EA, Special Edition L2005CO, 6520s, 530 Base IDS 940 GML w/WLAN, nx6125 RCTO Base Unit, G7030, 620 T3100 15.6 3GB/320 GRY, 520 Base IDS 945 GM w/WLAN, nc6120 IDS GM Base Unit, G7010EG, G7073EI, 420 T6570 14 2GB/320 GRY, 6520s T8100 14.1 1024/160, G6060EG, G7060EP, nx6130 RCTO Base Unit 32MB, 6520s T5470 14.1 512/80, 530 T5200 15.4 2048/160 NB, G5001TU, G7031ER, Special Edition L2005A3, 6520s C540 14.1 512/80, 530 C-M 530 15.4 1024/120 NB, nx6120, G7021EB, 620, 520 C-M 520 14.1 512/80 NB, nc4200, G7002TU, G7065EM, 420, 6520s T7300 14.1 1024/160, G5056EA, G7050EI, Special Edition L2205NR, 6520s T5470 14.1 2048/120, 530 T2600 15.4 1024/120 NB, G3050EA, G7030EV, 620 T6670 15.6 2GB/320 GRY, 520 T2600 14.1 512/120 NB, nx6110 Cel-M 360J 512/60, G7020EC, G7094EM, 510 IDS GM 915 Base Unit - WLAN, T5870 14.0 2048/160, G6093EA, G7064EA, 6520s T7250 14.1 1024/160, G5051EA, G7040EM, Special Edition L2099XX, 6520s T5470 14.1 1024/120, 530 RCTO Base 945 GM WLAN BRZL, nx7010, G7030EM, 620 T6570 15.6 2GB/320 GRY, 520 T2400 14.1 512/120 NB, nc6230 P-M 760 14.1 1024/80, G7015EA, G7091EM, 420 T6670 14.0 2GB/500 GRY, 6520s VHB32 T5470 54375, G6065EM, G7061TU, 6520s T5870 14.1 2048/160, 540, G5010EM, G7035EM, Special Edition L2005CU, 6520s T5270 14.1 1024/120, 530 Base IDS 940 GML w/o WLAN, nx6130, G7030EC, 620 T4500 15.6 2GB/320 GRY, 520 T1300 14.1 512/80 NB, nc6120 P-M 760 15.0 1024/80, G7010EI, G7077EZ, 420 T6570 14 4GB/320 GRY, 6520s T8100 14.1 1024/250, G6061EA, G7060ER, nx6130 RCTO Base Unit 64MB, 6520s T5550 14.1 1024/120, 530 T5300 15.4 1024/120 NB, G5002EA, G7031TU, Special Edition L2005A4, 6520s Cel 540 14.1 1024/80, 530 C-M 530 15.4 1024/160 NB, nx6120 FF GM RCTO Base Unit, G7023EO, 620 T3000 15.6 1GB/160 GRY, G7005EG, G7070EC, 420 P7370 14.0 2GB/250 GRY, 6520s T7500 14.1 1024/80, G6000, G7050EV, Special Edition L2300, 6520s T5470 14.1 2048/160, 530 T2600 15.4 2048/160 NB, G3051EA, G7030EW, 620 T6670 15.6 3GB/320 GRY, 530 C-M 420 15.4 512/80 NB, G7020EF, G7095EM, 510 IDS GML 910 Base Unit- Modm, nc4000 Base Model, G6095EG, G7064ER, 6520s T7250 14.1 1024/160PC, G5051TU, G7040EP, Special Edition L2105CA, 6520s T5470 14.1 1024/160, 530 T2300E 15.4 1024/120 NB, nx9030, G7030EO, 620 T6570 15.6 2GB/500 GRY, 520 T2400 14.1 512/80 NB, nc6230 PM 750 14.1 512/60, G7015EM, G7091TU, 425, G6090EA, G7062ER, 6520s T7100 14.1 1024/120, 540 P550 14.1 1024/160, G5040EA, G7035ER, Special Edition L2005CX, 6520s T5270 14.1 1024/160, 530 Base IDS 945 GM w/WLAN, nx6130 IDS Base Unit 32M, G7030EF, 620 T4500 15.6 4GB/320 GRY, 520 T1400 14.1 512/120 NB, G7010EM, G7080EV, 420 T6570 14.0 2GB/320 GR, 6520s T8100 14.1 2048/160, G6062EA, G7060EV, 6520s T5670 14.1 1024/160, 530 T5300 15.4 2048/160 NB, G5002TU, G7032EO, Special Edition L2005CL, 6520s Cel 540 14.1 512/80, 530 C-M 530 15.4 512/120 NB, G7023EZ, 620 T3000 15.6 2GB/250 GRY, 520 Base IDS 940 GML w/WLAN, G7010EA, G7070EI, 420 T3000 14 2GB/320 GRY NB, 6520s T7500 14.1 2048/160, G6000XX, G7060EI, Special Edition L2310CU, 6520s T5470 14.1 2048/250, 530 T5200 15.4 1024/120 NB, G3100, G7030XX, G7096EM, 620 T6670 15.6 4GB/320 GRY, 530 C-M 440 15.4 512/80 NB, nx6110DF, G7020EJ, 510 IDS GML 910 Base Unit- WLAN, nc4000, G7000, G7065EA, 6520s T7250 14.1 1024/80, G5052EA, G7045EA, Special Edition L2105CL, 6520s T5470 14.1 1024/250, 530 T2400 15.4 1024/120 NB, G3000, G7030EP, 620 T6570 15.6 3GB/160 GRY, 520 T2600 14.1 1024/120 NB, nc8000, G7015EO, G7093EA, nc6110 Base Unit, G6091EA, G7063EO, 6520s T7100 14.1 1024/160, 541, G5042EA, G7040EA, Special Edition L2005US, 6520s T5270 14.1 1024/80, 530 RCTO Base 940 GML BRZL, nx6130 IDS Base Unit 64M, G7030EI, 620 T4500 15.6 4GB/500 GRY, 520 T2300E 14.1 512/120 NB, nc6220 XPH P-M 750 36484, G7010EO, G7090EM, 420 T6570 14.0 3GB/320 GR, 6520s T8300 14.1 2048/250, G6062EM, G7061EO, 6520s T5670 14.1 512/120, 540 T5470 14.1 1024/160, G5003EA, G7032TU, Special Edition L2005CM, 6520s Cel 550 14.1 1024/80, 530, nx6125 IDS Base Unit, G7025EG, 620 T3000 15.6 2GB/320 GRY, 520 Base IDS 940 GML w/o WLAN, nc6120 GM RCTO Base Unit, G7010EB, G7070EJ, 420 T4500 14.0 2GB/320 GR, 6520s T7500 14.1 2048/250, G6060EA, G7060EO, nx6125; HP NetBook 311-1006TU, 311-1024TU, 311-1048TU, 311-1033TU, 311-1019TU, 311-1002TU, 311-1112TU, 311-1044TU, 311-1030TU, 311-1015TU, 311-1000CA, 311-1108TU, 311-1040TU, 311-1026TU, 311-1011TU, 311-1104TU, 311-1037TU, 311-1022TU, 311-1007TU, 311-1100, 311-1034TU, 311-1020TU, 311-1003TU, 311-1160LA, 311-1045TU, 311-1031TU, 311-1016TU, 311-1000NR, 311-1109TU, 311-1041TU, 311-1027TU, 311-1012TU, 311-1105TU, 311-1038NR, 311-1023TU, 311-1008TU, 311-1101TU, 311-1035TU, 311-1021NR, 311-1004TU, 311-1165LA, 311-1046TU, 311-1032TU, 311-1017TU, 311-1001TU, 311-1110TU, 311-1042TU, 311-1028TU, 311-1013TU, 311-1106TU, 311-1038TU, 311-1025NR, 311-1009TU, 311-1102TU, 311-1036TU, 311-1021TU, 311-1005TU, 311-1170LA, 311-1047TU, 311-1033CA, 311-1018TU, 311-1001XX, 311-1111TU, 311-1043TU, 311-1029TU, 311-1014TU, 311-1000, 311-1107TU, 311-1039TU, 311-1025TU, 311-1010TU, 311-1103TU, 311-1037NR, 311-1022NR; Compaq Tablet tc4200 Tablet, tc1100 Base Unit P-M 713 1.1GHz, tc4200, tc1100 Base Unit C-M 353, tc1100 Base Unit Pentium-M 1.0GHz, tc1100 Base Unit, tc1100 Base Unit Cel-M 353, tc1100 P-M 733 10.4 512/40, tc1100 Base Unit Celeron 800MHz, tc1100 Base Unit P-M 713, tc1000 Tablet, tc1100 Base Unit Celeron 900MHz, tc1000, tc1100 Base Unit P-M 733; HP Touchsmart tx2-1319au, tx2-1317au, tx2-1204au, tx2-1210au, tx2-1020au, tx2-1050eo, tx2-1005au, tx2-1313au, tx2-1304au, tx2-1150eg, tx2-1206au, tx2-1013au, tx2-1050ed, tx2-1001au, tx2-1309au, tx2-1274nr, tx2-1119au, tx2-1120au, tx2-1010au, tx2-1021au, tx2-1370br, tx2-1360ca, tx2-1301au, tx2-1219au, tx2-1027ca, tx2-1070br, tx2-1015au, tx2-1321au, tx2-1320au, tx2-1211au, tx2-1212au, tx2-1020ca, tx2-1050ep, tx2-1009au, tx2-1314au, tx2-1305au, tx2-1201au, tx2-1207au, tx2-1016au, tx2-1050ef, tx2-1002au, tx2-1310au, tx2-1275dx, tx2-1122au, tx2-1121au, tx2-1011au, tx2-1035ee, tx2-1380la, tx2-1370us, tx2-1302au, tx2-1224ca, tx2-1030cm, tx2-1075ee, tx2-1006au, tx2-1015ea, tx2-1322au, tx2-1323au, tx2-1216au, tx2-1213au, tx2-1020us, tx2-1050ew, tx2-1010ea, tx2-1315au, tx2-1306au, tx2-1202au, tx2-1208au, tx2-1017au, tx2-1050ej, tx2-1003au, tx2-1311au, tx2-1277nr, tx2-1124au, tx2-1123au, tx2-1012au, tx2-1035ei, tx2z-1000, tx2-1375dx, tx2-1307au, tx2-1244ca, tx2-1031cm, tx2-1080la, tx2-1007au, tx2-1018au, tx2-1324au, tx2-1326au, tx2-1217au, tx2-1214au, tx2-1024ca, tx2-1051xx, tx2-1010et, tx2-1318au, tx2-1316au, tx2-1203au, tx2-1209au, tx2-1019au, tx2-1050el, tx2-1004au, tx2-1312au, tx2-1303au, tx2-1150ef, tx2-1205au, tx2-1012nr, tx2-1040br, tx2z-1300, tx2-1377nr, tx2-1308au, tx2-1270us, tx2-1032cm, tx2-1099eg, tx2-1008au, tx2-1020ea, tx2-1325au, tx2-1352xx, tx2-1218au, tx2-1215au, tx2-1025dx, tx2-1055ee, tx2-1014au; HP ProBook 4720s i335M 17 3GB/320 BLK; HP Pavilion dv1376TU, tx2103au, dv9706tx, dv1066EA, dv6135CA, dv6629us, dv5115eu, dv5200tx, dv2415nr, dv6407nr, dv2960br, ze4904EA, dv2029TU, dv5266ea, dv2-1006au, tx2551xx, dv9779eo, dv1154EA, dm1-1016tu, dv6720la, dv5155eu, dv2602xx, dv6503tu, dv4101AP, zt3000, dv2125nr, dv6220BR, dv2-1108au, ze2022AP, tx1019AU, dv5198ea, dv1332AP, dv9910us, dv6850ec, dm1-1128TU, dv2728ca, dv6580es, dv4156EA, zt3310EA, dv2225la, dv6308ca, dv2-1212ax, ze2204AP, tx2534au, dv5225CA, dv1033AP, dv6124EA, dv6620er, dv5107eu, zt3370EA, dv2403tu, dv6401eq, dv2910us, ze2320LA, dv2017TU, dv5244ea, dv1738od, tx2530es, dv9750ez, dv1131wm-b Bundle, dv6705au, dv5139US, dv2528ea, dv6450us, dv4043EA, ze4947EA, dv2110tu, dv6202eu, dv2-1039wm, ze2008AP, dv5178ea, dv1318AP, dv9827cl, dv6810us, dm1-1111TU, dv2665br, dv6549ea, dv4138EA, zt3237AP, dv2210us, dv6265ea, dv2-1203au, ze2130EA, tx2508ca, dv5219TX, dv1363AP, tx2029au, dv8315CA, dv5100, zt3333AP, dv2317us, dv6347eu, dv2801au, ze2251EA, dv2007EA, dv5236tx, dv1635LA, tx2512au, dv9724ca, dv1118AP, DM1-2106AU NB, dv6663us, dv5129eu, dv2514tu, dv6426ca, dv4019EA, ze4933EA, dv2101au, dv5295ea, dv2-1024ax, 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Replaces OEM part numbers: 239704-001, 239704001, 338136-001, 338136001, 371790-001, 371790001, 381090-001, 417220-001, 417220001, 613149-001, AC0654817E, AC0654817YE, AL3119

AC Adapters are manufactured for high performance in ISO 9001 factories using the most up to date safety and engineering control standards:

  • Sealed for protection against moisture and high humidity
  • Filter to protect against voltage spikes or surges
  • Internal safety features protect your device from electrical hazards
  • Low voltage shut down protection
  • Over voltage shut down protection
  • ''Short Circuit'' shut down protection
  • Over temperature shut down protection
  • Automatic reset after shutting down

Part Numbers
MCM Part #:29-5825
Stellar Labs Power Part #:AC0654817E
Package Specifications & Dimensions
Weight:0.766 lbs.
Warranty:90 days
Need to Return?
Length:7.5 in.
Width:5.25 in.
Height:1.75 in.
Shipping Information
Extra Shipping Charge:No
Drop Ship:No

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