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Volume Regulator By Terk Technologies (VR1)

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Terk® Volume Regulator

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The TERK TV Volume Regulator (VR-1) delivers a consistent, quality audio level while channel surfing or changing between A/V sources, without adjusting the volume. In the VR-1, Noise Reduction technology automatically reduces any "hiss" already present in audio. Its Dual-Band Automatic Gain Control adjusts bass and treble signals separately for improved dialog. With response as quick as .002 seconds, the VR-1 delivers consistent audio levels when sudden loud noises such as explosions are present. The VR-1 is easy-to-install and is compatible with any A/V device. Its compact design allows for out-of-sight installation. Consumers adjust the volume as much as twenty five times an hour. TERK's TV Volume Regulator allows you to focus on the entertainment and not the volume control. Once installed, you can set the VR-1 to your desired level and enjoy quality audio. The VR-1 automatically matches the volume of commercials to the program level, eliminating those sudden, distrubing, loud noises.

  • Stops loud commercials and annoying TV volume changes
  • Easily connects between your TV and satellite receiver, cable box, DVD player or VCR
  • Connect and forget - works automatically
  • Works with standard audio connectors only
  • Compatible with stereo audio components including MP3 players
  • Great for hearing impaired- raises volume level of hard to hear programs
    Part Numbers
    MCM Part #:33-9635
    Terk Technologies Part #:VR1
    Package Specifications & Dimensions
    Weight:0.95 lbs.
    Warranty:90 days
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    Length:10.75 in.
    Width:7.5 in.
    Height:4 in.
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    Extra Shipping Charge:No
    Drop Ship:No
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  • Product Reviews Top

    • by kenchuck

      on 1/3/2012


      Overall: 5 out of 5

      An excellent sound control and quality product. It works good and I would recommend it to anyone.

    • by radiocowboy10

      on 1/7/2011

      Good little audio leveler

      Overall: 4 out of 5

      As an audio engineer for broadcast stations, I can appreciate the importance of presenting a constant volume level to the listener. Obviously, many satellite and cable channels don't seem to care, and that's why devices like this are necessary. Two caviats with using this unit... 1. Don't use it when you want the complete dynamic range of movie sound tracks, it will have a tendency to flatten out bass response and make it less deep and pulsating. 2. The unit does a terrific job of keeping audio levels constant, but may present compression release times that may fatigue some listeners, I know why this is true, because to compensate for greater than a 12dB range, compression ratios really need fast release times to affect a good volume-riding ability in the compressor stage. So, in short, this unit follows the fast attack and fast release peridigm which may be fatiguing to some listeners. A better approach for Audiovox/Terk to take with this unit, I think, would have been to follow the old CBS Audimax platform leveling schema, but instead of a 10 second program response time, maybe a 5 second program response time would have worked, but it's clear from the sound of it, this little unit uses limiting as well as platform automatic level control, so it makes the audio a shade "bouncy" sounding and strips the signal of all dynamic range. A more genteel approach would have been better. However, if you're looking for an aggressive processed sound, then this unit fills the bill. This unit acheives for a couple of Jacksons, this unit does what more expensive boxes can do at nearly 3 times that amount. The only difference is, this box is not adjustable for compression depth and release, which is fine for those who do not know how to adjust a processor. For now, I think it provides a good fix for the desparaging levels in satellite-delivered television programs.

    • by char1951

      on 8/21/2008

      Ends Aggravation!

      Overall: 5 out of 5

      Works very well to hold volume at one level. Not only on the channel it's adjusted to but holds the volume steady on all channels as you change them. I use this inline between my Satellite box and TV. Small size a plus!

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