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Angular Clock Kit By Wicked Devices (ANGCLK) MCM Part #28-20923

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Angular Clock Kit

Forget modern clock displays, the Angular Clock Kit adds a new twist to timekeeping. This solder-less kit uses an Arduino-based control board to show hours, minutes, and seconds using three analog meters. Everything is 100% open source making it easy to personalize and reprogram for your enjoyment. Want the clock to read the weather or display your internet bandwidth?

  • Arduino-based control board
  • Laser-cut acrylic enclosure
  • 3 x analog meters
  • Hour/minute/second clock face stickers
  • Blank stickers for creating your own faces
  • Connection cables
  • Power adapter and cable
  • Mounting hardware
  • Adjustment knob

Required Tools
  • Philips screwdriver
  • Small jeweler's Philips screwdriver
  • Flat screwdriver
  • Wire strippers

    • Assembly time - ~45min

      Instructions & Downloads
      Part Numbers
      MCM Part #:28-20923
      Wicked Devices Part #:ANGCLK
      Package Specifications & Dimensions
      Weight:0.5 lbs.
      RoHS Comp:No
      Warranty:180 days
      Need to Return?
      Length:7.5 in.
      Width:5 in.
      Height:3 in.
      Shipping Information
      Extra Shipping Charge:No
      Drop Ship:No

Product Reviews Top

  • by gmulhollan

    on 12/6/2015

    Interesting clock, relies on USB voltage as 'standard', which it never is!

    Overall: 4 out of 5

    The clock assembly is fairly straightforward, though some portions of the on-line only instructions could use buttressing. For example, the meter dis-assembly entails removing the outer two brass screws that hold down the meter cover and then the inner two which hold down the metal meter face. It is not obvious from the instructions, but the supplied paper sticker meter faces are to be removed (very carefully, some corners are not cut fully and will tear if not careful..iffy die cutting) then applied to the original metal faces then they are to be replaced. The meter face sticker is not fully opaque, so the assembler is left with a choice of putting the paper on the original meter face (more 'white' but some background text can show through) or on the back side (more 'shiny'). The silver bit of metal (WTH? which one is that supposed to be) actually means the meter stop adjustment 'loop'. Put that way it is easy to see which part it is (I know analog meters inside/out so was not a problem for me). Also, turn the loop in the same direction you want the meter zero to move...caution...try to turn it just a bit at a time.

    As to the calibration, this has one big flaw. The clock calibration works by scaling the analog output value (0 to 255). If your USB port is off from standard (most are that I encounter), then you may see that you cannot even calibrate up to the 11o'clock position (not enough voltage from the USB to drive the meter full range). Moving to a better (direct to my Mac Mini) port helped a lot. However, if the USB port voltage is not very close to the operating voltage of the provided USB adapter, then the scaling is going to be off. So for best results, the USB port voltage must be at or rather near the provided adapter if you run from that. If you run off the same computer where you calibrate, absolutely no problem. If you have a lab (like me) you can run off whatever you need to get the proper voltage to maintain calibration. The best solution for everyday use however, is to try to find a computer port that has the same 5.0 V output as the supplied AC to 5 VDC adapter. Good luck!

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