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Image of Distributed By MCM USM-8/USM-8D Digital UHF Modulator


33-2740 - Digital UHF Modulator

The USM-8D is a low cost, frequency stable, UHF modulator developed for use in adding satellite, VCR, or security video channels to an existing home distribution system. The frequency adjustable feature allows multiple channel use at an extremely l...

Mfr Name: Distributed By MCM

Mfr Number: USM-8/USM-8D

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Image of RCA CRF907R Audiovox RF Modulator Channel 3+4


33-11106 - Audiovox RF Modulator Channel 3+4

RF Modulator Compact wall-mountable device accepts composite video and L/R audio from A/V components and provides CH3 or CH4 output. It is perfect for connecting video games, DVD players, VCR's, cameras and similar devices to televisions that only have an antenna...

Mfr Name: RCA

Mfr Number: CRF907R

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Image of Terk Technologies MINI Terk MINI RF Modulator


33-9645 - Terk MINI RF Modulator

The TERK MINI modulator is a compact, inexpensive modulator that will convert any video source to VHF for viewing on your TV on either channel 3 or 4. Its low signal loss enables it to deliver excellent picture and sound quality. The MINI allows you to connect...

Mfr Name: Terk Technologies

Mfr Number: MINI

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Image of Channel Plus 5525 Two Output Digital RF Modulator


5525-01 - Two Output Digital RF Modulator

Two-Channel Video Modulator with IR This dual modulator with IR converts two video and stereo audio inputs to two programmable TV channels (stereo audio is converted to monaural audio after modulation). It works with both the 12-volt and 5-volt IR systems and acc...

Mfr Name: Channel Plus

Mfr Number: 5525

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PH61159 - SUB Only Philips RF Modulator Composite In And Coax OUT

Solves the problem of connecting components with RCA inputs to a TV with one a single coaxial input Automatically switches from TV to connected component when power for that component is turned on

Mfr Name: Philips

Mfr Number: US2-PH61159

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Image of Blonder Tongue AM-60-550 Agile Audio/Video Modulator


33-3070 - Agile Audio/Video Modulator

The AM Series includes professional quality, agile audio/video modulators. These units provide audio and video modulated RF carrier on any channel in the 50~550MHz frequency range. Agile channel selection permits on-the-fly channel changes and reduces the need...

Mfr Name: Blonder Tongue

Mfr Number: AM-60-550

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Image of Blonder Tongue HAVM-2HA VHF Hyperband Dual Output Modulator


33-2030 - VHF Hyperband Dual Output Modulator

The consumer agile modulators are unique RF, UHF and VHF hyperband modulators. Their design allows the user to insert video from a VCR, laser disc or any baseband video signal into their home RF system. The #33-2025 and 33-2035 work on UHF. The #33-2020 an...

Mfr Name: Blonder Tongue

Mfr Number: HAVM-2HA

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