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Image of Arduino T000070 TinkerKit Hall Sensor Module


83-14724 - TinkerKit Hall Sensor Module

A Hall sensor creates a voltage related to the magnetic field around the sensor. This can be used to detect distance from a nearby magnet. Hall sensors can also be used to detect the magnetic field induced in a wire or coil. Output: This module outputs 5v when a ...

Mfr Name: Arduino

Mfr Number: T000070

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Image of Arduino T010051 TinkerKit Servo Module


83-14735 - TinkerKit Servo Module

The Servo Module is a high quality servo with the standard TinkerKit 3pin connector to be plugged in the Sensor Shield (remember that the Signal pin is ALWAYS the center pin). The best choice to add Robotics & Mechatronics to your project. Servos are composed...

Mfr Name: Arduino

Mfr Number: T010051

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Image of Arduino T000150 TinkerKit Linear Potentiometer


83-14727 - TinkerKit Linear Potentiometer

A Linear Potentiometer is a commonly used variable resistor. It can often be found as a volume controller on radios and TVs. By moving the slider you can vary the output voltage between 0 and 5V. This value is sent through the middle pin of the pot. Output: T...

Mfr Name: Arduino

Mfr Number: T000150

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Image of Arduino T000180 TinkerKit Push Button Module


83-14728 - TinkerKit Push Button Module

The Pushbutton Module is possibly the simplest sensor available. It detects when a person or an object presses on its circular cap. Output:This module outputs 5v when the button is pressed and 0v when released. Pressing the button closes the circuit. When c...

Mfr Name: Arduino

Mfr Number: T000180

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